BattRE Electric Mobility bicycles price range in India begin at Rs 29,900 for the BattRE Newtron e-cycle and it ranges all the way up to Rs 40,700 for the BattRE Montra e-bicycle, along with three other scooter models from the brand’s parent company BattRE Electric Mobility Private Limited, that are in production currently and retails in the domestic EV market space all across the country.

Since the introduction of electric cycles in India, BattRE Electric two-wheeler enterprise has emerged as one of the latest bicycle brands in the domestic e-cycle industry, that has launched some affordable, durable, efficient, and modern looking E bicycles to the Indian EV market, and the company has been recording pretty impressive sales figures.

With its head quarter located in Jaipur, 281 kilometres from the National Capital, and its production facility based out of Neemera in the north west Indian state of Rajasthan, BattRE Electric Mobility Private Limited has been striving to create various types of electric mobility products for the local electric vehicle markets widely spread out all over the nation.

BattRE Electric Mobility company in India makes 4 electrically powered bicycles that are recording enough demand and popularity amongst electric cycle lovers due to their practicality, contemporary design and stylish appeal. The Jaipur-based brand is also working on introducing more electric vehicles that have the capacity to be charged rapidly and cover long distance ranges.

The BattRE EV portfolio in India consists of four e-cycles and they are officially available for retail, and their exclusive sale activities have been going on at all the BattRE EV dealer facility network located all across the country.

BattRE Electric Mobility has some of the best and most popular e-cycles sold in India at present. The smart electric mobility brand based out of Jaipur in Rajasthan has been in the process of developing several cost effective and range efficient electric bicycles such as the already selling BattRE e cycles.

The BattRE e-cycles are gaining much hype and becoming the talk of the town day by day, hence seeing a rise in demand because the new, fast and stylish electric bikes or cycles from the BattRE Electric Mobility EV company are seeing a good deal of rise in popularity among the youthful generation of EV aficionados in India, after BattRE Electric brand officially launched their 4 e-bicycles in the EV markets across major cities, tier-1 and tier-2 towns, as well as remote rural regions of India.

BattRE Electric e-mobility brand also makes two-wheelers in the scooter segment. The BattRE electric vehicle firm in India is likely to unveil some other new EV product offerings which are in the pipeline.

Some of the upcoming BattRE electric bicycles in India are likely to receive an official launch announcement soon, which would be much hyped releases to be witnessed across the nation.

BattRE Bicycle brand competitors: The BattRE electric cycle brand rivals other e-bicycle brands in India such as Avon, Hero, Okinawa, Ampere and Pure EV.

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BattRE Electric Mobility Bicycles Price in India for 2022

ModelsEx-showroom Price
BattRE Electric Mobility Newtron₹ 29,900
BattRE Electric Mobility Kross₹ 35,700
BattRE Electric Mobility Huge₹ 38,700
BattRE Electric Mobility Montra₹ 40,700