Bianchi Bicycles in India

Bianchi is the most momentous and prominent brand of bicycles. It carries along a heritage of over 130 years strong brand equity which started in Milan in the year 1885 with Edoardo Bianchi, and hence there is no comparison of this brand in the cycling world. This brand positioning of Bianchi represents the best of what Italy can offer to the people in the whole world. It offers a distinguished design, style and a taste which is unmatched.

It has a wide range of products which targets the professional and casual riders who are typically fond of nature and also the ones who want to move quickly through urban traffic. Basically, this brand targets anyone and everyone who fits in the needs of every cyclist. The owner Edoardo Bianchi said that the best way to examine the efficiency of a product was to race it.

Bianchi always believed in taking full advantage from sensations and feedback to improve and examine every bike thoroughly. Similar to motor racing, Bianchi have always had a dedicated division following the bicycle riders to improve and be ahead of competitions. Innovation, science, and technology are the key for the brand and when all three come together with man’s sensations, create a magical experience for the rider. It is not a mystery that for over 100 years this dedication has allowed the champions to win and enabled Bianchi to deliver excellence.