Focus Bicycles in India

**Focus** is a bicycle manufacturer that has its administration in Stuttgart, Germany and production facilities based in Germany and builds sport bicycles such as e-bikes, racing bicycles and mountain bicycles. Focus bicycles refers to a quality brand and a solid player on the German market. They are not regarded as a 'bargain basement' brand as in terms of pricing and value it is on the higher end. These are light-weighted bicycles made of aluminum frames with 29 inches or 27 inches wheel. The designs of the bicycles are just beyond industry standards. Therefore, the Focus bike rider has to be a passionate bike rider. The production if these bicycles are carried out with the latest technologies and finest methods available in the cycling industry. Focus bikes weighs in the range of 100 kgs to 120 kgs. Focus bikes have the capability to help you win the world’s longest bicycle race, hence it offers the world class experience and one of the most memorable, adventurous journeys ever.