Fuji Bicycles in India

Belonging to the Japanese manufacturer, it is still one of the most iconic and oldest bicycle brands. With the intention to bring together engineers, mechanics and its sponsored professional athletes, the brand developed the race-winning technology that goes into every bicycle they build. On the road, the mountain or the track, Fuji is equipped with latest technology in order to set the standard for many-many years. The bicycle has unmatched aerodynamics, superb road feel and excellent stopping power of disc brakes. The company is known for manufacturing world-class road bikes such as Transonic and Sportif which are their best-selling road bikes among their range. On the other hand, Fuji offers different types of bikes to serve different purposes such as mountain, city, electric, road, hybrid, kids’, triathlon as well as cruiser & comfort bikes as their overall range. Historically, Fuji builds winning track and Keirin race bikes. Fuji hybrid bikes are comfortable bikes to ride for leisure and fitness around town or on streets, easy pathways, and occasional short road trips. They are not high-performance bikes. Fuji does not make the perfect mountain bikes however they are on improving trend. The reason behind Fuji’s success is that they used the knowledge gained from top athletes to create cutting-edge, high-performance bikes that also come with the latest and most advanced technological features.




Japanese Company Unveils Hoverbike With 100 Kph Top Speed

Japanese Company Unveils Hoverbike With 100 Kph Top Speed