GT Bicycles in India

**GT** stand for its owner’s name Gary Turner. GT design and manufacture BMX, mountain, and road bicycles. As a division of a Canadian conglomerate, Dorel Industries, who also promotes Cannondale bicycles, it is an extremely reliable and recognizable bicycle brand and it's hard to beat the quality and build for this price. GT as a brand is known for innovative and latest BMX designs and their "triple triangle" hard-tail mountain bike frame design where the seating setup run in parallel to the downtube and attached to the top tube forward of the seat tube, rather than directly attached to the seat tube. The Triple Tech frame is ideal for comfortable rides. GT Bikes have aluminum frame hardtail cross-country and has a wheel size of 27.5″ / 29″. GT bicycles has serial number which are usually found stamped on the bottom of the bottom bracket of the BMX. GT as a brand believes in knowledge, experience, and service and therefore the company makes sure that GT is sold through network of retailers only. The company believes that authorized retailers are best venue to showcase our brand. GT bikes offers excellent navigation, responsiveness, and smooth riding at an economical pricing. Even GT being a Californian company, all frame manufacturing is outsourced to factories based in China and Taiwan. One of the well-known GT Bike, the Verbe Elite full-suspension mountain bike is featured in the Best Cheap Mountain Bikes list. It is since 1972, GT bicycles has been developing bikes, for all types of rider, with a consistent mission.