Keysto Bicycles in India

**Keysto** is another one of the largest manufacturers of cycles in Indian market with price ranging from Rs. 5580 to Rs. 17810. The lowest-priced cycle Keysto 86 is priced at Rs. 5580 while the highest priced cycle is MAG 726 costing Rs. 17810. Keysto offers ease of riding and handling and is quite light weighted. Keysto is a China-based company and the production of keysto cycle is manage by Guangzhou Yutai Cycles Co., Ltd. Keysto as a brand offer 23 models across Indian geography which includes 3 Hybrid cycles, 9 Kids cycles, 9 Mountain cycles, 2 Women cycles and they specialize in women, mountain, hybrid, kids’ segment. In adult segment bicycles, Keysto is sub brand of trinity cycles. These are highly acclaimed bicycles which means that once the rider has experienced keysto bicycle, he will not prefer any other cycle over Kyesto.

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