Lapierre Bicycles in India

**Lapierre** is a premium cycle brand in domestic market with starting price at Rs. 11550. Lapierre bikes are 75 years old now and as a brand they believe in the philosophy to design bikes for the many with the aim of democratizing the practice. The intend of the brand is to design the bikes for every occasion from urban travel to road bike racing, on- or off-road trekking and mountain biking. Lapierre bikes are dream bikes meant for all purposes whether it is competition, or leisure, sport, or fitness. All the bikes are created in France, according to the finest rules in this domain. Already the leader in high-end MTB in the French market, the LAPIERRE brand aims to conquer the rest of the world. The brand believes in optimizing the weight of all the models. Lapierre believes in end-to-end quality checks and the involvement of each employee to the list mile. All the Lapierre bikes are assembled in France by builders and makes it possible to control quality at every stage of the assembly process.

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