Merida Bicycles in India

Merida Bicycles are next generation bikes from Taiwan and are technologically evolved than other brands in the category. Merida have been manufacturing bicycles for 48 years now and are consistently evolving and updating technology, machinery, positioning and now have known for its premiumness and exclusive designs. It is a very popular brand now worldwide and are known for value for money positioning. In general, the Merida frames are quite nice, even on their low-end bikes. The low-end models save costs by skimping on the peripherals, the front ends are generally average, if not insultingly awful, so as to keep the costs low. Merida uses raw materials that includes a special combination of High Modulus, Ultra-High Modulus, and Intermediate carbon fibers. There are other technologies also used by Merida which includes “Time Warp” designed specifically to reduce wind resistance & increase speed of the cyclist, “Flex Stay” their seat & chain combination which allows it to absorb vertical forces much more easily, and “Compact Geometry” that provides the performance benefits of smaller, stiffer, lighter frames, making the cyclist to perform faster, while adding aesthetic appeal as well. The brand Merida was launched in 1988 by the owner Tseng, who took the bold decision to manufacture and market bikes under his own Merida brand. Merida acquired healthy stakes in other bike brands around the world with Specialized being the most notable one.