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TVS Suzuki Access 125 versus Ola Electric S1

  • Posted by Salman On 22-Sep-2021 11:25 AM

Access 125 vs. Ola Electric S1 Comparison

With each passing day, scooters have become more attractive. The features have also improved considerably. Besides, you have electric scooters competing with the conventional models. The TVS Suzuki Access 125 is a stylish model that can adorn every portico, whereas the Ola Electric S1 appeals to the younger generation more.


The Design

The Suzuki Access 125 has a stylish headlamp with chrome surrounds to provide a premium look. It offers the perfect illumination to brighten up the roads ahead. Another excellent feature of the Access 125 is the chrome external fuel inlet that allows refuelling without alight from the vehicle. This scooter has the most extended seat and floorboard to provide ideal comfort while riding. Dual luggage hooks and more space under the seat to place your belongings add to the convenience.

The Ola Electric S1 has an exciting design with its iconic headlamp that shines through to reveal its distinctive personality. The large boot space makes it possible to place your groceries and even your helmet. In addition, the scooter has an exciting, aerodynamic design that makes the vehicle run smoothly on the roads.


The Engine – Performance and Handling

The Access 125 features a powerful 4-stroke, single-cylinder SOHC engine with a displacement capacity of 124cc. This BSVI compliant engine pairs with a CVT system to deliver excellent engine output of 8.7ps @ 6750rpm and torque of 10Nm @ 5500rpm. The Access 125 offers an electric start, with the kick start option as a viable alternative.
The Ola Electric SI’s engine draws its power from a robust Li-ion battery to deliver an excellent mileage performance of 121km. The Ola Electric S1 offers a top speed of 90kmph while accelerating from 0 to 40kmph in 3.6 seconds. In addition, the Ola S1 battery has a charging time of four and a half hours, whereas an 18-minute quick recharge charges the vehicle to run comfortably for 75km.

Safety Features

The Access 125 features R12 and R10 tubeless tyres to offer excellent road grip. The front-wheel comes with a drum and disc brake option, with the rear wheel offering a drum brake functionality. The telescopic front suspension and the swing-arm rear shock absorber adds to the comfort and make this scooter one of the safest ones to drive.

The Ola Electric S1 has exquisite technological features like smart onboard sensors to help you communicate using a smartphone. It also offers customisable options where you can change the vehicle’s look, feel, and sound. Users can create multiple profiles and use interactive facilities like voice control to enable efficient navigation and remote control. In addition, the side-stand alerts and tamper alerts make the Ola Electric S1 a safe vehicle to ride.

Colour Variants and Pricing

The Access 125 offers six exciting colour options, with its price ranging from Rs 73,400 to Rs 77,100. In addition, the scooter offers disc and drum brake variants.

The Ola Electric S1 offers an S1 Pro variant that comes in ten exciting colours. In addition, the Ola S1 offers five attractive colour options. The Ola S1 pricing varies from Rs 85,999 to Rs 99,999, whereas the S1 Pro is considerably expensive. However, Government subsidies can reduce the overall pricing and make it affordable.


The Access 125 offers the benefit of a powerful petrol engine that can deliver a defining performance. However, the Ola Electric S1 is a good bet if you wish to save on fuel costs. Otherwise, both the vehicles offer exciting riding experiences.