fb-pixel-code5 Modified Cars which Turned Out to be Blunder
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5 Modified Cars which Turned Out to be Blunder

    Posted by https://carbike360.com/ On 08-Jun-2021 09:37 PM

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Car modification is not a new game in India and people keep modifying their prized possessions to make them look better than their usual appeal. However, few crazy heads go beyond the real life challenges and end up producing something super unique and ugly at the same time. Here are such 5 modified cars in India which completely ruined the game.

1. Hyundai Mercielago Hyundai Elantra is a capable car and back in 2003 when it launched for the first time, it instantly grabbed youth’s taste. However, the car was too ahead of its time and had to be phased out soon. Hyundai reintroduced the Elantra a few years back and the car impressed everyone with its bold and muscular looks.

Despite having a decent performance and luxury, one of the Elantra owners was able to keep his/her calm. So, he/she poured in full efforts in building a Lamborghini Mercielago out of Elantra. Though we can see the amount of designing and mechanical efforts have been poured into building this car, it doesn’t score even a single point from us. Hyundai Mercielago.jpg

2. Mad MAX Fortuner The first generation Toyota Fortuner in India was a clear winner in all aspects. It became an instant hit and grabbed a number of buyers in record time. SInce its launch, this vehicle has been in huge demand and no other competitor be it Ford Endeavour, Isuzu MUX, MG Gloster, Mahindra Alturus, etc. haven’t been close to the sales numbers it grabs till date. Perhaps, a crazy vehicle may get a crazier driver and we found one. The owner of this Toyota Fortuner in the image below might be a Mad Max Fury fan and tried his/her hands to rebuild this SUV into something super rugged, and the end result came out as a sheer pain to eyes. Mad MAX Fortuner.jpg

3. Bugatti Esteem Well this could be one of the cleanest modifications done so far, but it still is a negative score grabber. Maruti Esteem was once considered the luxury car in the Indian market. Its replacement with Swift Dzire was a big jump in terms of quality and equipment but it doesn't bother the dreamers of Bugatti.

One of the Maruti Esteem owners has tried his hands on the car to make it look more demanding than its actuals. This modified Esteem looks neat and well chiseled. However, the proportions and dimensions are a big mismatch and an enthusiast will not take a second look at it. Bugatti Esteem.jpg

4. WagonR on Steroids Maruti WagonR is one of the most practical cars in India and we respect the features and comfort it caters to its consumers. It has a decent engine which is reliable and can go on for years. On the other hand, Maruti’s other product i.e. Gypsy is an enthusiast’s affair which has a decent sized engine with unmatched off-road capabilities.

This rather confusing image below is a mix of WagonR and Gypsy. It is such a weird combination that we took 2 to 3 chances to understand where the glitch happened. Let us know if you are also confused about what you just saw. WagonR on Steroids.jpg

5. Mustang 800 Ford Mustang launched in India a few years back. It rolls on several enthusiasts’ hearts due to its sheer driving pleasure. The 5.0-litre V8 powertrain is a gem that won’t get settled easily.

On the other hand, the iconic Maruti 800 was a ruler of its time, just like Mustang did with its fans. Its super reliable engine and next to zero cost of ownership were big challenges for other manufacturers. However a Maruti 800 owner can also dream of a Ford Mustang. And if he/she can’t have one, they can rather build a Mustang out of their 800 at a super low cost. The output, well, could be a disaster though. Mustang 800.jpg