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EV's : Myths vs. Reality | Electric Cars Myths Busted

    Posted by https://carbike360.com/ On 29-May-2021 07:37 AM

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EV's are at the prominence of a transportation revolution, and evidence shows a major switch to Electric Vehicles will help clean the air, slow the fast pace of climate disruption over time, Gratefully, we’re on our way, In US, 1 million EVs on the road have been registered in last 3 months. Nonetheless myths about Electric Vehicles exits for a variety of reasons.

Undoubtedly, given that a switch to electric vehicles will lead to less use of non-renewable resource and lower profits. In this story, we will look at a few of the most scary myths about Electric Vehicles, fueled largely by the crude oil industry, and counter them with a clear picture of reality.

MYTH 1: Electric vehicles are more expensive than Petrol/Diesel or CNG vehicles.


FACT- The initial cost is dropping for all electric cars/bikes. Many of them are already cost-competitive. With maintenance and fuel cost, Electric Vehicles are much more affordable to own and operate than a Petrol/Diesel/CNG vehicle.

MYTH2:The States Power Grid cannot handle the increasing demand generated by electric vehicles.


FACT- The States Power Grid actually gets benefitted from electric vehicles. The rise in over all demand is currently minimal and electric vehicles benefit the grid by storing and managing energy by getting electricity rates down for the users.

MYTH 3:Electric Cars/Bikes are not Eco friendly and are bad for the environment against Petrol/Diesel vehicles.


FACTS- From factory to road, electric cars have zero exhaust emissions, they emit a minor of global warming pollutants that Petrol or Diesel vehicle produce. Electric Vehicles across all segments are already replacing 2 million barrels of the oil demand per day globally.

MYTH 4: Electric vehicles do not have enough range, you will not be able to travel long distance before running out of electricity.


FACTS- Electric vehicles now having over 300-400 KMS range along with models having over 400 KM range coming onto the market very soon. Most Electric Vehicle owners charge their vehicles at home. DC fast chargers will be available across India's traffic corridors, an electric vehicle will get charged in close to the same time it takes to refill a petrol/diesel or CNG vehicle.

MYTH 5: Electric Vehicles are Unsafe.

FACTS- Concerns over Electric vehicles batteries catching the fire or even exploding in a collision, they appear to be somewhat overstressed. A recent in-depth investigation on this matter conducted by NHTSA resulted that the frequency and severity of catching fires and explosions from a lithium ion battery are comparably slightly less than those for petrol or diesel-powered vehicles.


MYTH 6: Electric Vehicles batteries are not long lasting.

FACTS- EV's are usually carrying a separate warranties for their battery packs for approx. eight years or 500,000 KMS. According to a report that recently published, Tata Electric models that were used as taxicabs retained 75% of their battery capacity after 300,000 KMS on the road. 99% of the batteries found in conventional cars, can be recycled. used batteries power cells can be used to store solar energy, or they can be broken down with their more-valuable elements.