fb-pixel-codeJK Tyres introduced ‘Self Healing’ Puncture Guard Tyres for Cars
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JK Tyres introduced ‘Self Healing’ Puncture Guard Tyres for Cars

    Posted by Sachit Bhat On 26-Mar-2022 10:20 AM

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JK Tyres and Industries on Thursday said that they have come up with the country’s first puncture guard technology in tyres of four-wheelers.


JK tyres has launched puncture resistant range of tyres for four wheelers in India. The latest ‘Puncture Guard Tyres’ have been introduced for four wheelers and comes with a specially engineered elastomer with self-healing inner coat. This inner coating has been applied in its new tyres through an automated process which helps in reducing the outward flow of air in case of punctures.

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In a recent release, JK tyres announced , that its tyres with new technology can self-repair the multiple punctures in the tread area, due to nails or other sharp objects up to 6.00 mm diameter instantly. Puncture guard tyre offers hassle free ride throughout the life of tyre, without air-loss.

With the introduction of Smart tyre technology in 2020 and now the Puncture Guard Tyre technology, we have yet again delivered on our commitment to provide advanced mobility solutions to our customers. This technology offers high level of safety and convenience to vehicle owners," JK Tyre Chairman & Managing Director Raghupati Singhania said