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Top 3 Cars in India that should Come Back in Electric Avatar

    Posted by carbike360.com On 28-Jun-2022 09:05 AM

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Top 3 Cars in India that should Come Back in Electric Avatar BS6 vehicle emission norms had once tensed a lot of auto manufacturers in India. In Fact a lot of manufacturers have exited the country. However the good news is, we now have less polluting vehicles and a lot of electric vehicles are on the charts in the near future. We tried to give a thought to the cars of gone era which if brought back to life in electric versions can revolutionise the auto industry. Here are the 3 best cars which were the emperor of their time and still possess a huge fan following and can do wonders if they get their electric versions.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Zen Maruti Zen was one of the first enthusiast’s cars in India that were available in budget. This car retailed between Rs. 3.40 Lakhs and Rs. 4.20 Lakhs. It used to have a superb 1.0-litre engine which wasn’t just rev happy but it was quite economical for the performance it churns out. Maruti Suzuki Zen.png While the Maruti Suzuki WagonR EV was already on test for quite some time and Maruti has no plans to bring it to the showrooms, putting life back into the Zen could be a game changer for the brand and industry. Currently, India has no other electric hatchback than Mahindra E2O and not many people are buying it due to various reasons including impractical dimensions and mileage.

  2. Hindustan Contessa Hindustan Contessa was also known as the Indian Muscle car. It was a big luxury car back in the gone era and we can spot it in various Bollywood movies and doing actions like cornering and racing ahead of Police. This car used to have a 1.5-litre engine which was potent enough for the times of 1978 and later. Hindustan Contessa.png

Though this car is still available in the used car market, someone should buy its patent and reconstruct it as an electric car. From a manufacturer’s standpoint, this car can fetch a good number of customers due to its huge fan following and muscular appeal. It would be another game changer if it can have a set of adequately powered motor setup that can take you out for weekend getaways and travel close to what Tata Nexon EV does. 3. Maruti Gypsy Maruti Gypsy is a hot pick in the used car market. Though it is still available for excursion purpose and Maruti does make it but only on bulk order. The second hand car market has Gypsies with its original 1.3-litre petrol engine and Toyota and Isuzu sourced diesel engines. 29.png

As we see this Indian SUV is capable of withstanding different engines, it would be great if an electric motor can replace those IC engines for good. Apart from enthusiasts, we see gypsies being used in forest areas and safaris. It would be a great step if we can explore our wildlife without polluting their places.