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Top 5 Smallest Cars of 2021 Around the World

    Posted by https://carbike360.com/ On 02-Jun-2021 03:52 AM

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Why do people buy small cars? Because they are city friendly, easy to drive, easy to park and cheaper to maintain. However, few manufacturers have gone a bit too ahead of time and brought crazy designs for their small car projects which instantly grabbed a lot of eyeballs. In this tory, we have come up with 5 best small cars that are different to look and probably you won’t like to call them a car either.

  1. Smart Fortwo Smart ForTwo is one the smallest cars. It’s a two seater electric which had its concept ready decades back. It is jointly manufactured by Mercedes and Swatch companies and despite being so small, this car has managed to score good in crash tests. One can easily drive this car within city limits but as the battery pack is limited, taking it out of station could be cumbersome. It has a good shape and the colour combination are quite tempting as well. 50.png

  2. Mahindra E20 Mahindra acquired Reva Electric car company which was a Bangalore based electric car manufacturer. With that said, Mahindra has excelled in producing electric cars and E20 can be termed as the 2nd generation of Reva. The E2O came as a really interesting product and despite having a small size it can easily accommodate 4 passengers, becoming a value for money city car. It can run upto 110 kms in single charge. 51.png

  3. Renault Twizy Though most of the two seater cars usually have adjacent seats, Renault has tried to break this rule and go the other way round. In fact they tried to fit a motorcycle on 4 wheels with the Twizy. It’s an electric commuter which has 2 gates, a steering wheel and one behind other passenger seats. It may seem to be crazy but it serves a really well proportioned purpose of city limit driveability. 52.png

  4. Tata Nano It’s a familiar name anong Indian as it was the cheapest car one could buy in India. It was the Tata Group’s chairman, Mr. Ratan Tata’s dream project which brought many two wheeler owners on 4 wheels. It was also used by people as their 2nd car which was good for city commuting. However, due to poor demand over the time, it discontinued. 53.png

  5. Daihatsu Copen Daihatsu is the sister concern of Toyota and has good demand in ASEAN countries. Daihatsu Copen is a two seat convertible car meant to be delivered as a low cost alternative to high end convertible mean machines. Previously, its front end used to remind us of Mini Cooper due to its similar headlight setup. However, the latest version is quite aggressive and suits the styling of the car. It has a petrol engine which is tuned for efficiency. 54.png