Upcoming Scooters Under 1.5 Lakh

There are around 44 upcoming scooters under 1.5 Lakh in the year 2024-2025. Amongst these are the Everve Motors EF1, Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter, Revamp Moto RM Mitra 02 that will launch in the upcoming months. The most awaited scooter under 1.5 Lakh is Everve Motors EF1 and is expected to launch in Feb, 2024. You can also find out the latest scooter launches in India with price list at carbike360.com.

Upcoming Scooters Price in India

Scooter Model Expected Price Expected Launch Date
Everve Motors EF1 90000 Feb 25, 2024
Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter 1.25 Lakh Feb 25, 2024
Revamp Moto RM Mitra 02 1.06 Lakh Feb 27, 2024
EeVe Forseti 1 Lakh Feb 27, 2024
Evolet Raptor 1 Lakh Feb 28, 2024
LML Star 1 Lakh Mar 01, 2024

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There are 44 of cars that will be launched Under 1.5 Lakh. Among all these cars, there are 0 sedans, 0 hatchbacks, 0 SUVs and 0 MUVs

There are 0 of SUV cars that will launch Under 1.5 Lakh.

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