Petrol Price In India

Petrol in India is traded at Rs undefined per litre in New Delhi, Rs undefined per litre in Kolkata, Rs undefined per litre in Chennai. Earlier the petrol and diesel prices were revised every fortnight, which means the petrol price and diesel price changed on the 1st and the 16th of every month. However, from June 2017, a new scheme was implemented under which petrol prices are being revised every morning at 6 am. The petrol price and diesel rate are being revised on a regular basis due to dynamic fuel pricing.
Updated: July 17th 2024

Today's Petrol And Diesel Prices In Indian Metro Cities

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City-Wise Petrol And Diesel Prices

Sikar105.8 ₹/L0.0091.19 ₹/L0.00
Nagpur103.94 ₹/L0.0090.5 ₹/L0.00
Chandrapur104.03 ₹/L0.0090.6 ₹/L0.00
Dantewada103.95 ₹/L0.0096.84 ₹/L0.00
Pondicherry94.19 ₹/L0.0084.41 ₹/L0.00
Sasaram106.63 ₹/L0.0093.4 ₹/L0.00
Dhule103.95 ₹/L0.0090.5 ₹/L0.00
Nashik104.68 ₹/L0.0091.19 ₹/L0.00
Washim104.82 ₹/L0.0091.35 ₹/L0.00
Hingoli105.28 ₹/L0.0091.8 ₹/L0.00
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