Electric Charging Stations

On this page, you will find a comprehensive
list of electric charging stations located
across India. There is a total of 1412 in India both government and
private combined.

With our curated database of
charging stations, you can easily locate the
nearest charging point for your electric
vehicle. Each entry includes essential details such as
location, charging capacity, availability, and
any additional services offered at the

1412 Charging Stations found in India

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Electric Cars

Maruti Grand Vitara car cars
Maruti Grand Vitara
AWD/FWD5 SeaterSunroof
₹ 10.87 Lakh Onwards
Hyundai Kona Electric car cars
Hyundai Kona Electric
FWD5 SeaterSunroof
₹ 23.84 Lakh Onwards
Tata Tiago EV car cars
Tata Tiago EV
₹ 7.99 Lakh Onwards
Jaguar I-Pace car cars
Jaguar I-Pace
AWD/4WD5 SeaterSunroof
₹ 1.26 Cr Onwards
Volvo XC90 car cars
Volvo XC90
AWD7 SeaterSunroof
₹ 1.01 Cr Onwards
Volvo XC60 car cars
Volvo XC60
AWD/4WD5 SeaterSunroof
₹ 68.90 Lakh Onwards

Electric Two Wheelers

Tork Kratos bike bikes
Tork Kratos
₹ 1.67 Lakh Onwards

EV Buying & Charging Tips

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EV Charging Basics

We take you through three most popular ways to charge an electric vehicle

charging levels
4-11 Km/hr

The majority of people have Level 1 charging which is a 120-volt wall point that people install in their home garage. But it’s not quite efficient as it is very time-consuming sometimes it takes over 24 hours to fully charge.
Charging Speed: 4.8 km to 8 km Per Hour
Location: Home
charging levels
16-120 Km/hr
The other one is Level 2 charging that you can install which is a 240 Volt plugin which is an upgrade and 15 times faster than the Level 1 charging plugin. But the catch is it needs a 210-240 volt outlet and most home does not have that kind of outlet. For that, you need an electrician to install that dedicated circuit.
Charging Speed: 19 km to 129 km Per Hour
Location: Residential
charging levels
193-2250 Km/hr
And the Last is Level 3 charging and which is of three types: Combined Charging System, Charge De Move (ChadeMo) and Tesla Supercharger. Cars using CHAdeMO have a separate port for AC charging, while CCS permits AC/DC charging through the same connector.
Charging Speed: 280 km to 1930 km per hour
Location: Commercial

Your Questions Answered

To locate nearby EV charging stations, simply visit our website and navigate to the EV Charging Stations page. You can enter your current location or allow the website to access your location automatically. The page will display a list of nearby charging stations along with their exact locations.

Yes, you can book a charging slot online in advance. Our website provides an option for online slot booking. Once you select a charging station, you can check the availability of slots and make a reservation for a specific time slot that suits your needs.

The number of slots available at each charging station may vary. However, our website provides information on the number of slots available for charging at each listed charging station. This helps you plan your visit accordingly and ensures you have a slot reserved for your charging needs.

The charging stations listed on our website offer various types of charging options. Common charging types include Level 2 AC charging, DC fast charging, and Tesla Superchargers. The specific charging types available at each station are mentioned in the station details on our website.

Most charging stations provide charging cables compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles. However, it's always a good idea to carry your charging cable, especially if you have a specific type or model of electric vehicle that requires a particular cable.

The availability and cost of charging may vary depending on the charging station. Some charging stations offer free charging, while others may require a fee or a subscription plan. Our website provides information about the pricing structure, if any, for each charging station listed.

It is generally allowed to leave your vehicle at the charging station while it charges. However, it's recommended to be mindful of any time restrictions or guidelines specified by the charging station operator. This ensures fair usage and allows other EV owners to access the charging stations as well.

Yes, you can provide feedback or report any issues you encounter with a charging station. On our website, you will find a feedback or contact form where you can share your experience, report any problems, or provide suggestions for improvement. Your feedback helps us maintain an accurate and up-to-date list of charging stations.

Yes, there are several mobile apps available that can help you locate EV charging stations. Our website may also provide information about recommended mobile apps that offer additional features like real-time availability, reviews, and more.

We strive to keep our charging station list as up-to-date as possible. We regularly update our database to ensure the accuracy of information. However, it's always a good idea to check the availability and status of a charging station before visiting, as operational changes may occur that are beyond our immediate control.