fb-pixel-codeGoZero Mobility North East India Expansion, Investing $1 million
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GoZero Mobility North East India Expansion, Investing $1 million

    Posted by Utkarsh Gusain On 05-Feb-2022 12:22 PM

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GoZero Mobility electric bicycle company has announced its plan on expanding its roots in North East of India. The British born company known for their premium e-bikes has stated, they are planning to invest $1 million (approximately 7.45 crore) in NE India in upcoming 3 years. This strategy of the company will help to create employment for more than 100 people in North East India over period of next three years.

Market for Electric vehicles in India is continuously increasing since recent years. Electric vehicles have gathered popularity in the last few years. From electric cars to electric scooters and electric three-wheelers, and a significant part of it are electric bicycles with increasing awareness about sustainable energy and healthy lifestyle people are choosing E-cycles or ebikes over other modes of transportation. Similarly GoZero which stands for going zero emission, is based on this EV space.

Electric bikes have its advantages when compared to a conventional bicycle, electric bicycles allow rider to cover longer distances by provide additional riding range and without getting fatigue riders can comfortably enjoy their ride. The batteries in e-bikes are rechargeable and give pedal-assist or a throttle in some cases. This features are the reason of popularity of electric bicycles in Indian and global market.

The company’s agenda will be rapid expansion of its retail stores in North East India and set up local assembly units which will help them achieve faster and deliveries on the date of order. GoZero Mobility has a target to sell 15,000 units of E-cycles in a year in the North East India. In future you will be seeing a lot of GoZero company retailer shops.

GoZero E-Bikes In India:

GoZero Mobility’s has launched some premium e-bikes in India by the name of ‘Skelling’, ‘One’ and ‘Mile’. The e-bike have a detachable lithium ion battery and the range is upto 70kms depending upon the model and price point.