Benelli Motorcycles in India

Benelli bike price range starts from Rs. 1,89,059 and goes up to Rs. 4,79,900. The brand offers 3 two-wheeler models in the country with some of the most popular bikes being Leoncino 500, TRK 502, and Imperiale 400. The upcoming bikes of Benelli include Leoncino 250, TNT 300 and TRK 502X. The most expensive bike from Benelli is TRK 502, which starts at Rs. 4,79,900. In 1911, the six Benelli brothers Giuseppe, Francesco, Giovanni, Filippo, Antonio, and Domenico, repaired and manufactured motorcycle parts. The first real Benelli motorcycle, a 175cc model, ridden by Tonino, proved immediately to be a winner in the world of competition. There was a long list of moments, with more than 1000 victories in the Italian and European Championships and two World Titles won in the year 1950 and 1969. At the end of the 60s the last motorcycle of the family-owned company was born; the Tornado 650 which developed 49bhp at 7000rpm, and easily surpassed 170kmph. In 2001 the company started manufacturing its first-in-line triple powered range, which was the fully-faired supersport Tornado 899cc Limited Edition. The introduction of the Tornado Naked Tre or TNT and the Tre-K in both 899cc and 1131cc variants brought back Benelli to the large capacity sports motorcycle market. Currently, the brand is part of the Qianjiang (QJ) Group, which is a corporation that produces more than 1.2 million two-wheelers annually, out of which around 50,000 are currently under the Benelli brand. DSK Motowheels has got into a partnership with Benelli and the bikes are assembled at their CKD plant in Maharashtra. The three-cylinder premium bikes are produced in Italy and are brought to the country via CBU imports, unlike the Chinese built motorcycles. Benelli recently delivered 500 superbikes in Bengaluru within a span of one year. This is the shortest time in which a superbike brand has achieved such a milestone in a particular city in India.