22Kymco Motorcycles in India

22KYMCO scooters price range in India started at Rs 90,000 for the iFlow electric scooter, Rs 1.30 lakhs for the Like 200 scooter, and it ranged all the way up to Rs 2.30 lakhs for the X-Town 300i maxi scooter, which were expected to be retailed by the later half of 2019 in the country’s electric two-wheeler market space.

22 KYMCO had earlier unveiled three scooters for India. One of the models was the updated iFlow electric scooter, while the other two were petrol-powered scooter models. The new 22KYMCO scooters were meant to go on sale in India in September 2019, however the electric vehicle start-up company packed up and shut business shortly after the launch of its scooter portfolio.

In terms of the two-wheeler market in India, 22KYMCO had launched a range of three vehicles, that were all scooters, and which targeted various categories.

One of the products in the 22KYMCO portfolio was the iFlow e-scooty which featured KYMCO's IONEX replaceable battery pack set up.

The other one was the 22KYMCO Like200 scooter which was a classic scooty with retro design, that was targeted at the growing 150cc to 200cc scooter segment market.

The third product was the 22KYMCO maxi scooter called the X-Town 300i, which created its own new category with its liquid cooled 276cc motor.

The company was planning to build a robust dealer showroom network with 300 touch-points for sale within the upcoming three years. According to reports, 22KYMCO was supposed to begin selling its products in September 2019, with initial plans to start operations in 6 cities including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, New Delhi, and Pune.

22KYMCO Motors brand competitors: If available for retail, 22KYMCO scooter brand would’ve rivalled other scooter companies in India such as 22KYMCO Motors brand competitors Ather, Hero Electric , Tork Motors, Piaggio, Aprilia, Ola Electric and Pure EV.

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22KYMCO Brand Brief: Company Overview

Founded in 2018, 22KYMCO is a new two-wheeler mobility start-up company that is a mutual joint partnership venture between 22Motors and KYMCO - in short for Kwang Yang Motor Company - which is a Taiwanese brand well known for producing motorbikes, scooters and All Terrain Vehicles that are shipped across international markets.

As part of the new partnership, 22KYMCO focuses on bringing new mobility breakthroughs and innovative solutions to the market with the introduction of electric vehicles as well as vehicles with internal combustion engines.

To differentiate itself from other manufacturers in order to have an edge over its competitors in the two wheeler mobility space, 22KYMCO's products come with features such as lithium-ion battery packs in electric vehicles, internet connection and artificial intelligence enabled functions, which are a few examples.

22KYMCO Scooters Price in India

ModelsPrice (On-road Delhi)
iFlowINR 90,000/-
Like200INR 1,30,000/-
X-Town 300i ABSINR 2,30,000/-




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