EeVe Scooters in India

EeVe bike price range starts from Rs. 51,914 and goes up to Rs. 73,925. The brand offers 4 two-wheeler models in the country, with some of the most popular bikes being Xeniaa, Your and Wind. The most expensive EeVe bike is Xeniaa, which starts at Rs. 73,925. EeVe India is an electric two-wheeler producer, which is based out of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The company’s current product portfolio contains four products, which are EeVe Xeniaa, EeVe 4U, EeVe Your, and EeVe Wind. The Xeniaa and 4U are e-scooters, which gets powered by a lithium-ion battery, while Your and Wind use a lead-acid battery pack. Xeniaa is the flagship model in its product portfolio and is priced at Rs 73,900 while its most affordable two-wheeler, Your is priced at Rs 51,900. The Your and 4U features a retro look while the Xeniaa and Wind get a more modern look. All models come with premium features such as keyless entry and a USB charger. The lithium-ion battery-powered scooters get disc brakes at both ends while the lead-acid versions come with a front disc and a rear drum brake. The payload capacity for all these two-wheelers is rated at 140kg. The company also displayed two of its concept vehicles, the Tesoro and the Forseti at the 2020 Auto Expo, and they are also expected to be launched soon. The company’s current dealer network consists of 47 dealerships, which are mainly located in Eastern India. Eeve India plans to create a network of 200+ dealerships.

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