fb-pixel-codeThe Flying Car completes its first inter-city flight.
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The Flying Car completes its first inter-city flight.

    Posted by Salman On 01-Jul-2021 03:47 AM

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An AirCar model with a BMW engine completes its first inter-city flight.

● A flying car manufactured by AirCar flew for the first time between two Slovakian cities. ● This flying car runs and flies on a BMW engine. ● The maximum speed achieved during its flight was 170kmph.


Imagine flying between two cities in your car. It will become a reality soon with a flying car manufactured by AirCar with BMW engines completing its first test flight by flying between Nitra and Bratislava in Slovakia in 35 minutes.

AirCar, the manufacturer, revealed that the car has a 160hp BMW engine capable of flying up to 1000 km at altitudes up to 8200 feet at speeds reaching 170kmph. One press of a button is enough to turn this unique sportscar model into a flying car within three minutes. Besides the BMW engine, this flying car features a fixed propeller for navigation and a ballistic parachute for safety.

While the flying car completed its first official inter-city test flight on June 28, 2021, it has already clocked more than 40 hours of flying. This car can perform manoeuvres like 45-degree steep turns. However, the car requires two and a quarter minutes to take off and become an aircraft. It also needs a dedicated runway.

The manufacturing technology is in its initial stages. The successful inter-city flight can encourage OEMs to improvise and offer better features. Uber has already announced that they are open to exploring the idea of using flying cars for inter-city transportation. Maybe, these flying cars could be the right answer to our traffic congestion woes. Hyundai has also evinced interest in introducing flying car technology. Let us keep our fingers crossed for further developments in this field.