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Top cars for Comfortable and safe Mountain Road Trip

    Posted by Rakhi Jha On 12-Oct-2021 09:45 AM

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Top cars for Comfortable and safe Mountain Road Trip

Social media has been filling with posts/videos of mountains, beaches, hidden places, different kinds of rituals, and many more, and to follow this trend for a good cause would be beneficial for your soul.


Likely, if you are planning to visit mountains, we are presenting you the top cars that would definitely create a safe and comfy zone for you, because travelling on mountains could be tricky and if not follow the correct safety resource we might face unhealthy consequences. So, read this informative piece carefully and plan accordingly.


As you can imagine, some of the vehicles such as Sedan with lower ground clearance are not favoured since the mountain roads can be uneven at places and can damage the vehicles. While the hatchback cars seem unlikely to perform well due to their limited engines; however, they are still favoured by many due to their compact form factor and smaller turning radius. The SUVs with 4 wheel drive are the absolute champions that you can take on the mountain roads along with being the best cars for a long-distance drive. If you are looking for the best cars in India for long drives on the mountain, SUVs should be on your radar. Here are the best cars in India for mountain roads.

  1. Mahinda Scorpio


The Mahindra Scorpio is one of the most reliable vehicles that you can have with you on the mountain roads. It is not only spacious but also has some excellent features that make it the perfect vehicle to travel along the hills. Apart from the hilly roads, you can also use the Scorpio for doing some off-road adventure. Choose the 4×4 version for an easier drive on the hilly roads. The best part about using the Mahindra Scorpio is that you can use the vehicle in any kind of weather reliably. The high ground clearance also makes it a risk-free ride for uneven grounds.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza


The Vitara Brezza by Maruti Suzuki is a capable vehicle and can be a great companion on your mountain trip. It is not only one of the hot favourite cars for self-drive in the city areas, but also great for going out of the city. The Brezza is powerful and generates sufficient torque to make it fit for the elevations on mountain roads. On the other hand, the effective suspension of the car makes it a comfortable ride on bumpy roads.

  1. Mahindra XUV 500 3.jpg

The XUV 500 is one of the most popular cards by Mahindra that has a lot of features designed especially for hilly roads. The car is equipped with hill hold control that detects slopes and inclines automatically and assists in the navigation through the area with safety. This driver assistance system makes it one of the best vehicles for mountain roads. There are also plenty of other safety features such as extra airbags and the power of the vehicle is also sufficient for most hilly roads.

  1. Mahindra Marazzo 4.jpg

Mahindra Marazzo is not an SUV but rather a MUV. That being said it is still one of the most capable in its class and a joy to drive, no matter the roads. The vehicle has been a favourite of people who take it regularly on adventurous tours in the mountains. While you can not take it for off-road driving, it still handles mountain roads without any hiccup. The car also has excellent interiors which makes it a great vehicle to take for a long drive. The car also has one of the most balanced drives which provides you with outstanding control of the car along the risky roads.

  1. Hyundai Creta


Another great vehicle that comes equipped with Hill-Start Assist Control and Braking control is the Hyundai Creta. While the car is not suitable for an off-road adventure trip, you can still use it on the occasional bumpy rides along the mountain roads. The car also has a lot of styles and great on-road control, which makes it a dependable performer. There are plenty of adventurers who have used the Hyundai Creta to go on the Nort Indian hill stations such as Leh and it has performed well

  1. Thar


The offbeat destination specialist, Mahindra Thar has got all that is required for a vehicle to take on Himachal Pradesh or Jammu and Kashmir-like hilly destinations. The off-roader that closely resembles the iconic MM540 and the military-spec MM550 model comes loaded with a powerful 2.5 L drive train and 4X4 mechanism. The go-anywhere vehicle with iconic street presence is made available in soft-top AC and non AC avatar, which adds more thrill to the adventure. One of the key points of this classic SUV is its finely tuned robust suspension that helps in crossing rocky terrains with ease and comfort. Mahindra Thar is available in three trims namely DI 2WD, DI 4WD and CRDe. Some of the worth mentioning off-roading features include manual shift on the fly 4WD system with a high and low ratio, Borgwarner manual shift, mechanical locking rear differential etc.