Citroen Cars in India

Citroen is an upcoming car brand in India. The brand has 1 upcoming car in India, which is the C5 Aircross. French car manufacturer Citroen was founded in the year 1919. It was founded by Andre Gustave Citroen, and the company is a part of the PSA Peugeot Citroen group since the year 1976. The company also has a motorsport division, which is known as Citroen Racing. Citroen had recently made its first appearance in the country. The brand has collaborated with the CK Birla Group and its manufacturing plant is located in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The first car from the brand in India, which is known as the C5 Aircross, was supposed to be launched before the end of 2020. Citroen will also introduce electric vehicles in the country by the year 2025. These cars will be produced with the help of localisation.