Volkswagen Cars in India

Volkswagen car price in India starts from the Volkswagen Polo price Rs 6.45 lakhs and goes up to the, Volkawagen Tiguan price Rs. 31.99 lakhs. Volkswagen offers 4 car models in India, which includes the Polo in the hatchback segment, the Volkawagen Vento price Rs. 9.99 lakhs, in the sedan segment and the Volkswagen Taigun price Rs. 10.99 lakhs and the Tiguan in the [SUV]( segment. [Upcoming]( Volkswagen cars in India include the Virtus sedan and a premium hactback. Volkswagen is a German car manufacturer which entered the Indian market in 2007 with its manufacturing plant in Pune. The company also has subsidiary companies in India, like [Skoda]( in the mass-market segments, while [Audi]( and [Porsche]( in the [luxury]( and [sports cars]( segments. The Polo is the most [popular car]( from Volkswagen in India due to its brilliant engine and class-leading power output as well as its compact design and great ride dynamics. Volkswagen has re-branded itself and all its brands under its India 2.0 plan with the Skoda Auto Volkswagen India name and has positioned itself as a premium brand while Skoda as the mass-market brand.