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Audi Q2

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An all-rounder is always welcome in every field because such players can excel in multiple roles. However, the powerful and impressive Audi Q2 is in what we call in sporting parlance, 'a pure all-rounder.' The youthful SUV from Audi brings many styles and high-tech onboard, and it offers a heady combination of progressive design, high-quality functionality, and excellent driving pleasure.

The Audi Q2 is available in six variants with a similar TFSO Quattro engine. The Q2 40 TFSI Quattro Standard is the lowest-priced of the lot at Rs 34.99 lakhs, whereas the Technology variant is the most expensive at Rs 48.89 lakhs. All these prices are ex-showroom, India prices.


Audi Q2 Exterior

At first glance, the Audi Q2 looks like a powerful SUV flexing its muscles and displaying its broad shoulders and angular features. Although an SUV, the low roof and high window line make it resemble a coupe. While ensuring an athletic design, this vehicle looks full of energy and self-confidence.

The magnificent frontal grille with the iconic four rings and the wedge-shaped headlights are striking highlights that make this SUV stand out from other similar models in its segment. In addition, the lush air inlets ensure proper air circulation to keep the engines cool despite running continuously for long hours.

The high-quality LED headlights ensure a daylight-like feeling even at night. Besides, they consume less energy and provide more safety. Furthermore, the LED rear lights complement the LED headlights in every respect. They illuminate the lighting behind the vehicle to announce your presence for vehicles behind you on the roads.

The panoramic glass sunroof is another exciting feature that attracts people to this magnificent vehicle. The Audi Q2 is available in eight eye-catching colors. The contrasting exterior mirror holdings and the blades accentuate its overall appearance.


Audi Q2 Interior

The Audi Q2 interiors are something every automobile lover would love to experience. It is a pure extension of the sleek, angular design language of the exteriors as it provides spacious interiors to accommodate five people comfortably. Moreover, this car, being an SUV, offers sufficient legroom for both the driver and the front-seat co-passenger.
The comfortable upholstery makes you eager to try it out. The ambient cooling is another convenience factor that people love in this Audi Q2.

On the infotainment front, this Audi Q2 offers the best with the MMI Navigation. In addition, the higher-end models get a touchpad infotainment system on the central control element. This control panel proves the perfect alternative to the standard analogue panels you generally have in the lower-priced SUVs. In addition, Audi Q2's operating concept offers smooth integration with iOS and Android through the Audi smartphone interface.

With its 31.24 cm display, the Audi Virtual Cockpit offers detailed graphics and provides two display modes. The tachometer and speedometer are placed perfectly in the driver's field of vision. In addition, the multi-functional steering wheel is positioned beautifully to offer a full view of the virtual cockpit without straining the eyes.


Audi Q2 Engine and Performance

The Audi Q2 comes equipped with a powerful 2.0L petrol engine capable of delivering a high torque of 310Nm @ 1500-4100 rpm and a maximum power of 140kW. While delivering a decent mileage performance, the Audi Q2 can accelerate from 0-100kmph in 6.5 seconds.

This engine pairs with an 8-speed S-Tronic automatic transmission system to deliver a quality performance every time you take it out on the roads.

All the variants on the Audi Q2 come with a progressive steering system. This system interlocks the rack, whereby the translation varies with the steering angle. Hence, it becomes comfortable with making large steering movements and makes the driving experience dynamic.

This Audi Q2 offers a range of drive select modes like auto, comfort, dynamic, efficiency, and individual. This feature influences engine responsiveness, steering, and gearshift characteristics.


Audi Q2 Ride, Handling, and Safety

Besides the regular safety features like high-quality disc brakes, ABS, EBD, and ESC, this vehicle feature a range of driver assistance functionalities. It includes a Parking Aid Plus feature that helps the driver park the vehicle safely, even in small and inconvenient places. Features like a rearview camera help in identifying obstacles at the rear and alert the driver accordingly.

The programmable speed limiter allows the driver to cruise along at comfortable speeds on the expressways. Other features include an electromechanical parking brake to prevent accidental motion when parked on sloping ground.

Audi Q2 Competition Check

The Audi Q2 has ample competition from vehicles like the BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA, Volkswagen T-Roc, Volvo XC40, BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, and the Audi A4. However, almost all the cars are priced in a similar pricing range.