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Jaguar XF

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Jaguar XF is a stunning combination of performance, looks, and presence. This saloon was introduced as a petrol engine-driven vehicle initially. However, it now features a new diesel range enhanced by mild-hybrid technology. Another highlight of the Jaguar XF is the excellent features that make it convenient to drive around in heavy city traffic and on the expressways. Besides, the driver assistance features help you to park the vehicle in the most crowded places easily.
The Jaguar XF is available in a single variant, the 2.0L Prestige that costs Rs 55.67 lakhs. The diesel variant has been introduced recently.


Jaguar XF Exteriors

The Jaguar XF exteriors are inimitable with its broad and pronounced radiator grille with the trademark emblem right at the centre. The large air inlets suck in copious amounts of air to cool the engine and enhance its overall lifespan. The large LED lights flanking the grille have the distinctive Jaguar look with its double J design. The aerodynamic design extends beyond the bonnet and carries forward to the rear.

The large rear LED lights complement the front headlights and provide the perfect contrast. In addition, the dual exhaust placed strategically below the rear bumper adds to the overall attraction quotient.

The Jaguar symbol on the tailgate symbolises the brand's excellence and makes the vehicle instantly recognizable from

The Jaguar XF is available in a range of solid and metallic colours that add to its overall personality.


Jaguar XF Interiors

The Jaguar XF comes with plush upholstery to make it most luxurious for its occupants. Furthermore, the electrically adjustable front seats make it one of the most comfortable and welcoming. In addition, the easily accessible infotainment system makes this vehicle a pure joy to drive.

The Pivi Infotainment system available on the Jaguar XF is of the highest class. The standard features include an 11.4-inches touchscreen facility with a newly designed interface. This system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, Pivi Pro's AI features with its self-learning navigation system ensure a fully connected journey.
The 12.3-inches interactive Driver Display delivers full-screen 3D navigation and provides crucial driver information while allowing you to select from multiple layouts.

The Meridian Audio system, with its advanced acoustic technology and strategically positioned speakers, produces the ideal audio platform to enhance your entertainment levels to the maximum.

One of the sterling features is the peace and quiet this vehicle provides because of the innovative Active Road Noise Cancellation that reduces road noise. In addition, wireless charging of your smartphones is possible on the Jaguar XF.
Besides providing excellent cooling, this vehicle comes with a cabin air ionisation feature with a PM2.5 filter. The specially designed filter attracts and captures fine particles with airborne allergies such as pollen and other PM2.5 contaminants.


Jaguar XF Engine and Performance

The Jaguar XF comes in two engine variants, the 2.0L petrol, and diesel engine, to deliver high power and torque. The powerful petrol/diesel engine can produce a maximum speed of 235 kmph and an acceleration level of 7.6 seconds for 0 to 100 kmph.

This engine combines with an 8-speed automatic transmission system. In addition, the diesel engine variant has an advantage because it combines with mild hybrid technology, an intelligent regenerative system that charges during deceleration and braking. Thus, it enhances the overall performance of the Jaguar XF.

The torque vectoring provides independent braking to maximise the capability to negotiate the most challenging corners. As a result, it reduces understeering and delivers a sports car-like agility.


Jaguar XF Ride, Handling, and Safety

The Jaguar XF comes equipped with driver assistance features that help you negotiate the heavy city traffic and help in easy parking. The Park Assist feature with rearview cameras provides real-time information of the obstacles behind the vehicle to assist in easy parking. Thus, it removes the stress out of parking.

The other safety driver-assist features include lane assist that provides the correct torque to the steering and brings the car back into its lane.

This vehicle comes with a high-quality braking system with features like ABS, EBD, ESC, and others that help the vehicle brake safely under the most adverse weather conditions.

Besides, the driver and front-seat co-passenger get sufficient protection in the form of frontal and side airbags. In addition, the rear seat passengers get side curtain airbags to protect them from side collisions.

Jaguar XF Competition Check

The Jaguar XF's prime competitors include the Mercedes-Benz E Class, Audi A6, and the BMW 5 Sedan.