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Mercedes G-Class

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Mercedes Benz cars are right there at the top in the luxury, class, power, and style quotients when it comes to on-road vehicles. Simultaneously, Mercedes Benz has an extensive range of off-road vehicles capable of delivering exemplary performances every time. The Mercedes G-Class is one such iconic, robust, and virtually indestructible vehicle.

This powerful off-roader is available in two variants, the G-Class priced at Rs 164.40 lakhs onwards, and the AMG F 63 4Matic priced from Rs 244.90 lakhs.


Mercedes G-Class Exteriors

The Mercedes G-Class sports a unique appearance, as is evident from the distinctive door handle and the characteristic sound of the door when it closed. The vehicle gets its robust look from the exterior strip and the exposed spare wheel on the tailgate.

The vehicle retains its robust look over the decades. The characteristic clear and prominent lines shape the side view of the G-Class to give it a classy look. The external door hinges add to the robust nature of the vehicle. The striking wheel arch liners and the wide track make the vehicle maintain its dominant look.

The large headlights are distinctive characteristics of the G-Class as they flank the magnificent rectangular-shaped grille with the Mercedes logo right at the center.

The G-Class is available in an exciting range of paint finishes. In addition, you have the option of choosing from a collection of 26 shades for your G-Class.

The high ground clearance makes this vehicle the perfect one to go on off-road expeditions on mountainous terrain.


Mercedes G-Class Interiors

While this G-Class has exquisite exteriors, the interiors deserve every bit of respect you can give. The spacious interiors can accommodate three full-size adults comfortably on the rear seat. The front seat comes with various adjustments to add to your comfort and convenience levels. With their perfectly-placed steering wheel, the adjustable driver seats allow you to have a grand view of the road ahead.

The grab handles on the front seat are distinctive features available on the G-Class. In addition, the ionization feature purifies the air inside the vehicle and adds to your freshness levels.

The sliding sunroof is an excellent feature that allows the occupants to enjoy Nature in its full glory. In addition, this sunroof comes with sensors that enable it to close the moment it senses obstructions or rains to enhance the occupants’ safety.

The widescreen cockpit-like environment adds to the overall luxury factor. In addition, the multifunction sports steering wheel in Nappa leather is convenient to hold and steer the vehicle carefully.

The Burmester Sound System enhances the entertainment value to the next level as you have a great time grooving to your favourite tunes.

Another characteristic of the Mercedes G-Class is the space available inside the vehicle to store your luggage on your long trips. The load compartment contains a retractable cover that can be fitted behind the rear seats.


Mercedes G-Class Engine and Performance

The Mercedes G-Class G 350d 4Matic runs on a powerful L6 diesel engine with a displacement capacity of 2925cc. This BSVI-compliant engine delivers a maximum power of 286hp @ 3400 to 4600rpm and high torque of 600Nm @ 1200 to 3200rpm. This engine pairs with a 9G-Tronic automatic transmission system to deliver maximum speeds up to 199kmph.
The AMG G63 4Matic is a more powerful vehicle running on a V8 2982cc petrol engine capable of delivering maximum power of 585hp @ 6000rpm and torque of 850Nm @ 2500-3500rpm. This engine mates with an AMG SpeedShift TCT 9-speed sports automatic transmission system. This vehicle can run at a top speed of 220kmph.
While the G 350d 4Matic can accelerate @ 7.4 seconds, the AMG G63 4Matic takes 4.5 seconds.


Mercedes G-Class Ride, Handling, and Safety

The Mercedes Me Connect app enables you to control and operate the vehicle’s controls using the smartphone app. In addition, it lets you monitor the vehicle’s location at any time. For example, the Mercedes Me Connect app allows you to lock or unlock the door from remote locations.

The Mercedes emergency call system can help save time in an emergency. This system has a communication module of its own. On detecting an accident, it triggers an emergency call to shorten the time until the rescue services arrive.

This G-Class features a range of driver-assist features that help the driver handle all kinds of driving conditions. For example, the Parking Assist feature allows the driver to reverse and park the vehicle in the tightest of corners with its reverse parking camera.

Besides, the G-Class comes with standard safety features like high-quality brakes, Hill Assist Control, a set of airbags for all passengers, and many more. Furthermore, this vehicle comes with one of the most powerful headlamps amongst all Mercedes vehicles to illuminate the way ahead and make it comfortable and safe for the driver to navigate the most challenging terrain.

Mercedes G-Class Competition Check

The Mercedes G-Class has competition from the BMW X5M, Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS, Land Rover Defender, Mercedes-Benz GLS, and Land Rover Range Rover Sport.