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Mercedes Maybach S-Class

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The Mercedes Maybach S-Class is an exceptional vehicle that shines on the outside while impressing everyone on the inside. It is the ultimate in luxury with the legendary two-tone paintwork. In addition, this vehicle comes in nine different colour combinations with a choice of exclusive leather upholstery, unique trim elements, and contrasting top-stitching to enhance its attraction quotient.

The Mercedes Maybach S-Class is available in two trims, the S560 Maestro Edition and the Maybach S650. The S560 pricing starts at Rs 229.80 lakhs and the S650 at Rs 278.54 lakhs.


Mercedes Maybach S-Class Exteriors

The USP of the Mercedes Maybach S-Class’s USP is its uniqueness and timeless leadership style. While being one of the most elegant of all Mercedes vehicles, this saloon makes its presence felt on the roads with amazing grace.

Its characteristic appearance enhances the confidence levels to an entirely new level. The Mercedes-Benz emblem on the bonnet is a definite giveaway as the vehicle announces its majestic presence on the roads. The wide-mouthed radiator grille with horizontal chrome embellishments adds to the overall grace.

The aesthetically shaped headlights can illuminate a considerable portion of the road ahead, especially on nights. However, the elegance and grace carry forward to the rear with its beautifully shaped tail-lamps gleaming in the dark and alerting the trailing vehicles accordingly.

The two-tone paintwork is the vehicle’s ultimate highlight as it stands proudly on your porch.


Mercedes Maybach S-Class Interiors

The Mercedes Maybach S-Class comes with the most luxurious rear seats with excellent features like Energizing massage function, inflatable air chambers, and multi-contour functionality to adapt to the individual’s physique.

The multi-function steering wheel in wood and leather is a joy to hold. Another exciting feature is the facility to move the front passenger seat up to 77mm further forward to allow the passengers seated behind an enjoyable journey with more legroom. Other features like Easy-Adjust head restraints ensure more safety and comfort.

The ambient lighting package includes 64 exciting color combos to suit your mood and offer a soothing experience. In addition, the sun protection package prevents excessive sunlight from entering the vehicle to add to the passengers’ convenience and comfort level.

The vehicle comes with a range of exclusive packages that offer excellent comfort and luxury to all passengers. Besides, the vehicle also features a range of optional functionalities. Features like Thermotronic climate control and Head-Up display make the journey more pleasant and safe for all. In addition, smartphone integration makes it a joy to use the infotainment system.

The Mercedes Me Connect app allows vehicle monitoring, emergency call system, and vehicle setup using your smartphone.

The Keyless-Go option is also an exciting one to have on this vehicle.

Comand Online facility allows easy navigation, communication, and other entertainment options on the 31.2cm high-resolution media display. Other highlights include Bluetooth compatibility, telephony via wideband speech, an R/W function for text messages, hands-free functioning, and emails and music transmission via audio streaming.
Mercedes Maybach S-Class Engine and Performance

The Maybach S560 draws its power from a powerful V8 engine to deliver refinement and driving pleasure. This petrol engine delivers 345kW (469hp) power and delivers acceleration from 0 to 100kmph in 4.9 seconds. The twin-turbocharging and intercooling functions ensure that the vehicle has massive power reserves. This engine delivers a maximum torque of 700Nm @ 2000 to 4000rpm while pairing with a 9G-Tronic automatic system to ensure a top speed of 250kmph.

The Mercedes Maybach S650 has a robust V12 Biturbo engine to deliver excellent responsiveness with environmental awareness. Thus, this vehicle saves fuel. This engine delivers maximum power of 630hp and high torque of 1000Nm below 2300rpm. It pairs with a 7G-Tronic transmission system to ensure a top speed of 250kmph and acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph speed in 4.7 seconds.

The Mercedes Maybach S-Class offers an AWD system to ensure proper traction distribution to all the wheels.


Mercedes Maybach S-Class Ride, Handling, and Safety

The Pre-Safe Impulse function anticipates accidental collisions and prepares the vehicle and the occupants to face the impact instantly. The Active Brake assist feature if the vehicle senses an accident risk and helps the driver manoeuvre the vehicle safely.

The Multibeam LED headlamps serve to illuminate the road considerably to enhance visibility. The Night View Assist Plus enables the vehicle to sense practically invisible obstacles that could come in its range. The system illuminates the road with two anti-dazzle infrared lamps to detect animals and pedestrians in the dark sooner to enable you to take immediate action.

The tyre pressure monitoring system enables you to check the tyre pressure every time you use the vehicle. In addition, the Active Parking Assist with Parktronic function guides easy parking of the vehicle using rearview cameras and sensors.
The vehicle comes equipped with a range of airbags for all the passenger seats, including the driver. A unique feature is the front-seat airbag deactivation feature when it senses no load on the front seat.

The S650 features a magic vision control wiper system that comes with minute nozzles throughout the edges of the wiper to clean the windscreen with ease. Other excellent safety features include the Driving Assistance Package, Blind Spot Assist, and rear seatbelt safety package.


Mercedes Maybach S-Class Competition Check

The Mercedes Maybach S-Class faces stiff competition from similar luxury vehicles, like Mercedes Benz S-Class 5-seater, Maserati Quattroporte, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Jaguar XJ, Bentley Flying Spur, Rolls Royce Ghost, and Rolls Royce Wraith.