fb-pixel-codeMahindra Initiates Car Scrappage Facility for New Car Buyers
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Mahindra Initiates Car Scrappage Facility for New Car Buyers

    Posted by carbike360.com On 28-Jun-2022 07:20 PM

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Scrap Cars..png Government has authorised a few agencies to scrap your old car. These agencies are located in different locations pan India. However if you wish to scrap your car and buy a new Mahindra vehicle, things will be easier for you. Mahindra has introduced the car scrappage facility to its new car buyers. Mahndra will take care of the complete process of scrapping your old car while giving you the best price of your old car if you are buying a new Mahindra vehicle. The vehicle scrappage policy was announced by the government in the budget 2021 and will get into effect by October 2021. People scraping their old car to buy a new one are entitled for rebates on new cars. This initiative encourages people towards letting their old vehicles rest in peace in order to carb pollution levels. Mahindra has collaborated with Mahindra MSTC Recycling Private Limited (CERO) to scrap old vehicles. All the process and old vehicle evaluation can now happen on Mahindra dealership itself, thus assuring you of hassle free process. Also, instead of visiting the dealership, one can avail this service at home as well. Once the vehicle is evaluated, picked up and transported and dismantled, the authority will issue a certificate to the customer. This certificate needs to be presented at the dealership to avail the benefits given by the government. If you scrap your old car and buy a new one, you’ll get a 4%-6% rebate from the government and an additional 5% discount from the manufacturer of the new vehicle. THAR.png The vehicle scrappage policy will be effective from October 2021. The government has mandated 15 years for commercial and 20 years for private vehicles as the primary age shelf for vehicles. On completing this age, the vehicles will have to undergo a fitness test which will decide if the vehicle has more life to live or needs to be scrapped.