fb-pixel-code3 Minimalistically Modified Mahindra Thar are Reasons Why its Fans are Crazy
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3 Minimalistically Modified Mahindra Thar are Reasons Why its Fans are Crazy

    Posted by https://carbike360.com/ On 02-Jun-2021 06:44 AM

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Just like Royal Enfields, Mahindra Thar is also born to be modified. This SUV is based on the Jeep CJ which had a great time fighting in the series of world wars. Though Mahindra was licenced to manufacture these vehicles for a specific zone, they now own the rights of the design which now has a crazy fan following.

Though, the 2020 iteration of the vehicle looks very modern and feature loaded, there are a few examples in the market which show how minimalistically modified Mahindra Thar can be a perfect treat for yourself.

1. Big Shoes This black beauty is the latest iteration of the vehicle which came with a lot of advanced tech and capabilities. The brand however, introduced it with 17 inch alloy wheels which already looked dope, the owner of this Thar took multiple steps ahead and fitted in a set of 22 inch alloys.

The wheels look awesome on this vehicle however we still feel that the owner could have opted for smaller (though bigger than original) sizes to make it look more appealing. Big Shoes.jpg

2. 6x6 Mahindra Thar Well, the image of the Mahindra Thar below clearly says that what does 6x6 stand for here. This Thar has gone through severe modifications and received gigantic makeover. Apart from getting an extra set of wheels, it also has a set of doors for the 2nd row.

This is a 4x4 variant of the vehicle and the last set of wheels isn’t generating any power, hence we can call it a 4x6 SUV. It is modified by a modification firm in Punjab and may cost around 14 Lacs with a vehicle. The modification isn’t really cheap but the SUV looks neat and minimalistic. 6x6 Mahindra Thar.jpg

3. Jeep Thar This one is our favourite. This is the perfect example of elegance and minimalistic modification. There is nothing special about the tyres, alloy wheel,s colour or any other aspect for that matter, though the owner has fitted in a Jeep Wrangler inspired radiator grille into this Mahindra Thar, which actually look mind blowing.

Not just this, the set of headlights is also replaced by projector LED headlamps which again looks killer and is usable at the same time. The prime point of attraction is the 7 slot grille which can confuse it with a Jeep Wrangler at first glance and still look good on it. Jeep Thar.jpg