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BMW M2 Competition

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BMW M2 Competition
BMW M2 Competition offers a heady combination of performance, agility, and precision as it commands everything on the roads it travels. This sports car has the capacity to change every road. Excellent exterior and incredible interior features make this car a dream vehicle to buy. Setting records is nothing new for the BMW M2 Competition, as this car guarantees high performance and makes you aspire for more. This magnificent model is available on the Indian automobile scene at prices starting from Rs 85 lakhs (ex-showroom price).


BMW M2 Competition Exteriors

A sports car should pump up the adrenalin quotient every time you rev up the engine. This BMW M2 Competition proves equal to the task because of the massive power it generates. The enlarged air inlets on the front fascia allow proper ventilation to cool the engine as you keep driving at high speeds. The full-length kidney grille with the M2 badge right above the centre dominates the frontals to make it look imposing.

Everything from the bonnet to the characteristic coupe silhouette that extends to the rear adds to its imposing personality. The distinctive 19-inches wheels give it a regal look, while the M gills underscore the vehicle’s motor racing character.

Besides, it features exquisitely shaped and perfectly positioned angle exhaust tailpipes in Black Chrome to add to its exquisite exterior appearance.

The magnificent headlights can illuminate up to 500 metres of the road ahead to ensure excellent visibility. At the same time, the rear lights shine brightly to announce your presence in the front.


BMW M2 Competition Interiors

A sports car should have a tough exterior, but its interiors need to luxurious and comfortable to allow its occupants to have a great time. The BMW M2 Competition cockpit is ideally designed for the racetrack, with its red dials, M2 Competition lettering, and the centrally positioned oil gauge placed at a perfect height for the driver.

Driving the M2 competition is like a dream come true as it is one of the most accessible cars to control on the roads. You can configure your driving profiles according to the conditions you could likely encounter on the roads. It allows the vehicle to change gears automatically within seconds and ensure the smoothest drives possible.

The driver seat and the front co-passenger seat come with electrically adjustable settings that allow them to vary the height and alignment to ensure a comfortable ride. In addition, the ergonomically designed headrests are placed perfectly to prevent any lumbar damage while delivering the highest comfort levels.

The upholstery is of the highest order to provide the maximum luxury to its occupants. In addition, this car comes with high-quality infotainment systems that provide the ideal guidance to the driver and entertainment to the other occupants.


BMW M2 Competition Engine and Performance

The BMW M2 Competition can genuinely leave the competition behind with its tremendous performance potential and outstanding agility. It features two optimized turbochargers to ensure that its high-performance power unit exhibits a direct response and unbridled high-revving ability. These features make the vehicle excellent for fast sprints and sporty cornering.

Depending on your preferences, you can adapt the sound of the M Sport exhaust system at the touch of a button. In addition, the M-Specific suspension enables precise handling, while the cooling concept ensures the optimum operating temperature.

The high-performance BMW Twin Power turbocharged petrol engine can deliver up to 410hp of power and attain a maximum torque of 550Nm. This vehicle can scorch the roads at speeds up to 250kmph. Despite being a massive vehicle, the BMW M2 Competition can deliver a decent mileage performance of up to 10.3kmpl.


BMW M2 Competition Ride, Handling, and Safety

One need not emphasise that the BMW M2 Competition comes equipped with safety features like airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners, force limiters, and other equipment to protect the occupants from severe physical injuries. In addition, this car comes with one of the most powerful braking systems that ensure that the vehicle brakes with absolute certainty even under the most adverse road conditions.

The driver assistance features require greater mention as they allow comfortable handling of the vehicle under all circumstances. The Cruise control feature allows comfortable cruising along the highways at constant speeds. The Parking Assistant guides the driver perfectly and ensures safe parking, regardless of the mode. This vehicle comes equipped with different cameras that provide a 360-degree view of the road to ensure easy parking. In addition, the sensors present on the vehicle alert you of obstacles on the way.

The Reversing Assistant feature helps the driver navigate narrow by-lanes by providing crystal-clear pictures of the road traversed up to 50 metres comfortably. It also alerts you of any new obstacles that could have sprung up after you moved ahead.

BMW M2 Competition, Competitor Check

Some high-quality cars that can compete with the BMW M2 Competition on an even footing include the Porsche Cayman GTS and the Audi TT RS.