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Honda Activa 6G versus TVS Jupiter

  • Posted by Salman On 22-Sep-2021 12:15 PM

Activa 6G vs. Jupiter Comparison

Scooters are the best two-wheelers when negotiating busy city traffic in Indian cities. They are more comfortable than motorcycles because of the CVT transmission that allows comfortable gear shifting. The Honda Activa 6G and TVS Jupiter are popular scooters that come with excellent features.



The Activa 6G is a robust scooter with an upright stance and dominating presence on the roads. The LED DC headlamp provides consistent illumination while riding, regardless of the acceleration. The Honda Activa 6G is a heavy scooter as it weighs 107 Kg, but it compensates for the weight with a long wheelbase of 1260mm to deliver excellent balance when riding. An exciting feature is the positioning of the fuel tank, where you can access it while sitting on the scooter.
The TVS Jupiter has one of the best-sculpted bodies among scooters. The LED headlamp commands respect as it ensures excellent illumination to overcome poor visibility. The 3D emblem on the body with chrome highlights and the stylish signature rear lamps enhance the premium look of this scooter. In addition, features like the stainless steel muffler guard and the digital-analogue speedometer accentuate the vehicle’s overall elegance.


Engine – Performance and Handling

The Honda 6G comes equipped with a formidable Honda engine that works on enhanced Smart Tumble Technology. This technology increases the air-fuel mixture turbulence to ensure improved combustion and fuel efficiency. The Programmed Fuel Injection system enhances fuel efficiency by 10%. In addition, the silent start with ACG ensures smooth gear shifting without sound.

The TVS Jupiter runs on a powerful single-cylinder 4-stroke CVTi fuel-injection 109.7cc engine to deliver maximum power of 5.8kW @ 7500rpm and 8.8Nm torque @ 5500rpm. The CVT transmission ensures that the scooter is one of the easiest to operate. This scooter comes with an electric starter and a kick starter option.

Safety Features

The Honda 6G features an Under Bone frame type to deliver excellent balance when riding. The front-wheel telescopic forks and 3-step adjustable spring-loaded hydraulic rear shock absorbers provide high-quality comfort to both riders. In addition, both wheels come with 130mm drum brakes to deliver a good braking performance.

The TVS Jupiter features 90/90-12 54J tubeless tyres to ensure the perfect grip on the roads. The front wheel has a powerful 220mm disc brake and 130mm rear drum brake. Like the Honda 6G, the scooter has a high rigidity under-bone type to ensure a balanced riding experience. In addition, the telescopic hydraulic front suspension and the hydraulic damper on the rear wheel add to the overall comfort.

Colour Variants and Pricing

The Honda Activa 6G offers six attractive colour options and two variants. The 6G STD version is priced at Rs 69,080, and the 6G DLX is at Rs 70,825.

The TVS Jupiter has five variants in the SMW, Jupiter, ZX, Classic, and ZX Disc and comes in exciting colors. The pricing ranges from Rs 65,673 to Rs 75,773.


The Honda Activa 6G is amongst the most balanced scooters to ride on Indian roads. On the other hand, the TVS Jupiter comes with exciting features to make it more interesting. Both the scooters are priced similarly, with the TVS Jupiter offering more variants. Besides, TVS is also releasing a new 125cc version soon.