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Jeep Wrangler versus BMW X3

  • Posted by Salman On 27-Aug-2021 06:20 AM

Jeep Wrangler vs. BMW X3 Comparison

An SUV is something special because of its ability to negotiate multiple terrains with consummate ease. On the other hand, when you have an out-and-out SUV like the Jeep Wrangler that is perfect for cross-country driving, you have sophisticated SUVs like the BMW X3 that give you the best of both worlds. Hence, a comparison between these two vehicles is always on the cards.


Exterior Looks

The Jeep Wrangler looks every inch the vehicle anyone would prefer to have when going on mountainous drives. The insurmountable look and the robust structure gets accentuated by the unique circular headlamps that illuminate more space than other headlights. The Jeep comes with specific features like the 7-slot grille and its iconic styling. The rugged high back clearance and the distinctive wheel frames make for an attractive look. The multi-hinge pin system makes it easy to remove and install the doors whenever required to give an open-air experience.

While the Wrangler personifies aggression and ruggedness, the BMW X3 is the epitome of grace and aesthetics. The sloping contour creates a unique curved shape to enhance aerodynamics. The active air stream kidney grille adds to the aerodynamic performance. The grill closes the air vents when the cooling airflow is not necessary. The BMW Icon Adaptive LED Headlights give the BMW X3 a dynamic appearance with their unique hexagonal corona rings. The light-alloy wheels offer the perfect grip on every surface.


Interior and Comfort

The box-type look of the Wrangler, with its new seat design, provides maximum comfort and support for all occupants. Premium armrests and sufficient legroom make the Wrangler one of the most luxurious SUVs. The black leather trim adds to the overall comfort. You can remove the hardtop easily and open up to nature’s beauty. The Uconnect system provides you excellent connectivity with iOS and Android support. The digital cluster display allows you to view your key driving data without losing focus on the road. Other exciting interior features include Jeep Utility Grid, washing arrangements of the interiors, lockable glove box, and hidden storage.

On the contrary, the BMW X3 offers more classy interiors with accent trims that emphasise the dynamic styling in visual and tactile form. The panoramic sunroof opens up to give you plenty of light and fresh air, besides offering an open sense of space. The Black Panel technology enhances the overall ambience of the driver-oriented cockpit to ensure a focused driving experience. The ambient lighting features inside the BMW X3 light up the interiors and makes it look exclusively beautiful. Another highlight is the innovative through-loading system that creates suitable storage space by flexibly sliding the back seat forwards and backward.

Engine and Performance

The Jeep Wrangler has a powerful 2.0L GME T4 (ESS) engine pairing with an 8-speed automatic transmission to overcome any terrain with absolute ease. The Wrangler offers two drive systems in Select-Trac 4x4 and Rock-Trac 4x4. The Selec-Trac 4x4 system allows you to switch between 2WD and 4WD whenever required. The Rock-Trac 4x4 system gives you impressive control and torque for unbeatable off-road performance. In addition, the Wrangler has the traction to handle the most unpredictable and harshest driving conditions.

The new-generation BMW TwinPower Turbo diesel engines offer impressive power delivery and excellent consumption figures with the help of innovative technologies like a turbocharger and variable turbine geometry common rail direct injection. The 2L engine offers a maximum power output of 190hp and 400 Nm while delivering a top speed of 213kmph. As a result, the BMW X3 is one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs with a mileage of 16.55 kmpl.

Ride, Handling, and Safety

The Jeep Wrangler needs to have a robust body structure because of the type of terrain it traverses. The high-strength steel body can absorb all impacts of a collision and protect the occupants. The driver and front-seat co-passenger get additional support due to the frontal and side airbags. The high-quality braking systems enable the vehicle to brake comfortably on slippery surfaces. The ParkSense rear park assist system works with a rearview camera and audible warning systems to help you park the vehicle comfortably.

The BMW X3 also comprises a sturdy body with airbag protection for all passengers to make it one of the safest SUVs on Indian roads. Besides, the BMW X3 features excellent braking systems with ABS and other facilities to ensure high-quality braking performances. In addition, the driver assistance features like BMW Virtual Assistant and Parking Assistant enable you to drive and park the vehicle safely.


The BMW X3 and the Jeep Wrangler are priced in a similar range, with the BMW X3 pricing starting from Rs 57.50 lakhs and the Wrangler at Rs 57.90 lakhs. However, while the Wrangler is excellent for cross-country driving, few vehicles can match the comfort and luxury that the BMW X3 offers on city roads. Hence, the choice between the two rests with the user, depending on the driving conditions.