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Jeep Wrangler versus Mahindra Thar

  • Posted by Salman On 27-Aug-2021 04:26 AM

Wrangler vs. Thar Comparison

If you belong to the type that loves to go on mountainous expeditions and adventures, an off-road vehicle should be ideal. However, if the same vehicle offers an excellent experience on the highways and city traffic, it is like the icing on the cake. The Jeep Wrangler is one such robust vehicle that delivers equally efficient city driving. Therefore, the Mahindra Thar should be the perfect competitor to the Wrangler as it can match it feature-for-feature.


Exterior Looks

The Jeep Wrangler is a formidable vehicle that is available in four colours and two exciting variants. The latest Jeep Wrangler models come with the 80th anniversary badging and premium LED headlamps. However, they retain the original Wrangler look with the iconic styling, round headlamps, 7-slot grilled, and flat fender flares. Another exciting feature is the windshield down/up feature that allows you to pull down the windshield and enjoy nature at its best when driving. The best aspect of the Wrangler is that it is ideal for open-air driving. The multi-length hinge pin system makes it easy to remove the top and doors. The powerful headlamps allow you to tear through the darkness and have an illuminating view of the road ahead. Features like rock rails, tow hooks, and badge caps add to the overall sturdiness.

On the other hand, the Mahindra Thar takes ab iconic design with its wide stance and iconic lines making it stand out from the crowd. The distinctive front grille flanked by round headlamps gives the vehicle its classic look. The front fender-mounted LED DRLs enhance visibility and road presence. The high-quality, purpose-built bumpers do away with paint on the outer edges to prevent scratches while driving in the city or the wild. The retro tail lamps are back to grab everyone’s attention wherever you go. This heavy-duty vehicle comes equipped with R18 wheels wrapped in large tyres to accentuate its overall beauty. The hardtop roof and rear demister provide shelter from nature’s elements in harsh driving conditions. You get convertible options where you can remove the roof completely. Fog lamps add to the overall illumination.


Interiors and Comfort

The Jeep Wrangler comes with new interiors and major upgrades. The new seat design provides two-way lumbar adjustment for the driver seat, whereas the rear seats are placed appropriately to provide excellent legroom. The black leather trim adds to its iconic appearance as it gels with the interior ambience. The removable roof panels provide ample space inside the vehicle. The Uconnect sound system allows you to stay connected to the world outside while you enjoy high-quality entertainment on your long drives. The 7-inches digital cluster display allows you to view key driving data while focusing on the road ahead. The trail system is unique as it mounts on the cargo floor and swing gate. Other exciting interior features include hidden storage, a utility grid, and a washing facility for the interiors with a water hose.

While the Thar displays an admirable exterior, it flaunts a purposeful interior designed to provide the ideal comfort on your adventure and urban trips. The vehicle features sporty front seats and high-quality upholstery to provide support from the bumpiest of rides. The 50:50 rear seat split allows for more storage. The roof-mounted speakers provide the perfect all-around entertainment. The tilting steering wheel ensures that you hold it the right way at all times. The touchscreen infotainment system comes loaded with connectivity features to groove with your favorite tunes. Other exciting technological features include Adventure Statistics Display, a state-of-the-art entertainment system, and BlueSense app connectivity.

Engine and Performance

The Wrangler runs on a powerful All New 2.0L GME T4 (ESS) 4-cylinder engine with engine start/stop and an 8-speed automatic transmission system. Thus, it ensures performance and efficiency at the maximum. Furthermore, the Wrangler comes equipped with a Selec-Trac 4x4 that allows easy switching from 2WD to 4WD, depending on the road conditions. Alternatively, you can go for the Rock-Trac 4x4 system to get an unbeatable off-road experience. In addition, the Wrangler has the traction to handle unpredictable driving conditions.

The Thar draws its power from a robust all-new 2.0L mStallion TGDi Petrol Engine. Besides, the Thar also offers a diesel engine option with a mHawk 130 2184cc engine capable of delivering 130bhp and 300Nm torque. In contrast, the petrol engine produces power of 112kW and torque of 300Nm with MT and 320Nm torque. These engines pair with a 6-speed manual or Torque Converter automatic transmission system.

Ride, Handling, and Safety

The Wrangler is built on a robust body structure capable of withstanding the heaviest shocks to keep the occupants safe. The vehicle features front and side airbags to protect the driver and front-seat co-passenger. The high-strength steel beams improve the side impact performance. The vehicle offers all-speed traction control with special calibration, a brake assist system, and a 4WD ABS to improve vehicle control. The ParkSense rear parking assist system comes with a powerful rearview camera and audible warnings.

On the other hand, the Thar has been rated 4-star by Global NCAP for adult and child safety to qualify as India’s safest off-road vehicle. ESP enables the vehicle to be in control during sharp turns. The built-in interior roll cage adds structural rigidity to the Thar in the event of a rollover. It comes equipped with dual front airbags to provide ideal cushioning to the front row occupants. This vehicle features hill assist controls in navigating hilly terrain. Isofix child seat anchors provide excellent safety for children. The rear parking sensors make it easy for you to park the vehicle in tight spaces.


When comparing sturdiness, the Mahindra Thar and Jeep Wrangler are worthy equals. On the pricing front, the Jeep Wrangler is available in two variants, priced at Rs 57.90 lakhs. On the other hand, the Mahindra Thar is a comparatively lesser-priced off-roader as its pricing starts from Rs 12.78 lakhs. If budget is not a constraint, the Wrangler does not have any competition from the That. However, if you look for a sturdy off-roader at budget rates, the Thar should be ideal.