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Land Rover Range Rover Vogue

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Land Rover Range Rover presents the Range Rover Vogue model as one of its standard offerings. This SUV comes in 23 different variants that run on diesel and petrol engines with its floating roofline and low accent graphics, depending on its configuration.

Innovative features ensure a genuinely first-class travel experience. One of the sterling highlights of the Range Rover Vogue is its flexibility that allows you to adjust the rear seats and create more space for your luggage on long trips.
The Range Rover Vogue (Petrol and Diesel) model is the lowest priced of the 23 variants available in this Range Rover segment. The ex-showroom price of the Range Rover Vogue is Rs 210.82 lakhs. Other variants include the SE version,
LWB version, and the special versions Autobiography and Westminster editions.

The highest-priced Range Rover SV Autobiography LWB comes at Rs 438.04 lakhs, ex-showroom.


Land Rover Range Rover Exteriors

As the pricing goes up, so do the exteriors and interior features. However, the Land Rover Range Rover Vogue maintains its characteristic looks. The hexagonal-shaped design on the radiator grille and the Pixel-laser LED headlights combine to accentuate Vogue’s presence on the road considerably.

The Range Rover Vogue comes in two body shapes, Standard Wheelbase and Long Wheelbase. Depending on the body styles, the exterior dimensions differ, but general features remain the same.

The striking aspect of this SUV is its effortless design that includes everything from the front bumper, grille, bonnet, roof, and sliding rear. The LED lights and the air inlets form a significant part of the front fascia. The best part of these LED lights is that they illuminate the road ahead comfortably without blinding the cars on the opposite side of the highway.
The LED rear lights are placed high on the vehicle to give it an imposing look. They are bright enough to announce your presence ahead to the trailing cars. The integrated exhausts are perfectly placed at the bottom to let out the exhaust comfortably.

The fixed panoramic roof allows you an unhindered view of the surroundings and adds to the attraction quotient. Another notable highlight is the automatic access height reduction feature that lowers the vehicle by 50mm for additional convenience.


Land Rover Range Rover Interiors

The Land Rover Range Rover Vogue has interiors to dream of. The Rear Executive Class seats provide the highest levels of luxury and comfort as they feature wider and deeper cushioning. In addition, each rear seat comes with a separate infotainment screen that allows the rear seat passengers to view two different programmes simultaneously. Besides, the power deployable centre console integrates beautifully with the outer passenger seats and ensures a luxurious 4-seat environment.

The 60:40 rear seat arrangement allows you to remove a particular seat and make way for including more luggage. If you have excessive luggage, you can comfortably fold the entire rear seat to enhance space further.

Though the vehicle features a fixed sunroof on top, there is no overheating of the cabin interiors because of the auto sunblind feature. Thus, it maintains the cabin temperature to reduce the demands on the AC. The best aspect of this feature is that the auto sunblind closes automatically when all the passengers have embarked and the doors are locked.
Each of the seats comes with Hot-stone massage features that you can operate from the centre console. While the high-quality air conditioning maintains the temperature at pleasant levels, the cabin air ionisation feature with PM2.5 filters purifies the air circulating inside the cabin.

The infotainment system available on the Range Rover Vogue vehicles is top class with features like Touch Pro Duo to provide the best information and entertainment. It works on intuitive and advanced integrated technologies to help you get the best out of your journey.

The ambient lighting with a choice of ten soothing colors enhances internal illumination and creates a relaxed environment.


Land Rover Range Rover Engine and Performance

The Land Rover Range Rover Vogue vehicles draw their power from two different types of engines. The 3.0L MHEV Diesel engine D300 delivers a maximum power of 221kW and ensures a high speed of 209kmph while being capable of accelerating from 0 to 100kmph in 7.4 seconds

The 3.0L MHEV Petrol P400 engine is comparatively more potent as it delivers up to 290kW of power with a top speed of 225kmph and acceleration from 0 to 100kmph in 6.3 seconds.

All Range Rover vehicle powertrains work on low CO2 technologies with features like an advanced Stop/Start system to improve fuel consumption. In addition, the ECO mode ensures that the Range Rover performs more efficiently.

The powerful diesel and petrol engines connect with an 8-speed automatic transmission system to deliver a smooth and efficient driving experience irrespective of the terrain.


Land Rover Range Rover Ride, Handling, and Safety

This vehicle features top-class safety features that assist the driver in navigating the vehicle safely. The Pixel-layer LED headlights with DRL illuminate up to half a kilometre of the roads in front to ensure the perfect vision for the driver.
The Adaptive Cruise Control feature and Steering Assist help the driver steer, accelerate, and braking the vehicle perfectly while maintaining a set distance from the vehicle ahead of you. Another critical feature is the Head-Up display that provides driver-related information on the windscreen in the driver’s FOV. Thus, it provides the necessary info without distracting the driver in any way.

Besides, the vehicle comes with other driver assistance features that help the driver park the vehicle with ease. The presence of strategically placed cameras helps in reversing the vehicle with care.

The Range Rover Vogue delivers a refined performance because of advanced engineering technologies like the Optional Terrain Response 2 System. It helps the vehicle deliver a composed drive regardless of the road and weather conditions.


Land Rover Range Rover Competition Check

The pricing and features of the Range Rover Vogue take it much above the Indian vehicles to offer any competition. However, international models like BMW X7, Mercedes GLS-Class, and the Lexus LX are potential rivals.