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Mahindra Bolero Neo versus Mahindra Bolero

  • Posted by Salman On 21-Aug-2021 11:36 AM

Bolero Neo vs. Bolero Comparison

If you yearn for a powerful SUV to give you a power-packed performance, there cannot be a better vehicle than the Mahindra Bolero. While Mahindra offers a range of SUVs, it has introduced a new version of the TUV300 and rechristened it as Bolero Neo. While it looks similar to the old Bolero, there are differences between the two.
The primary difference between the two variants is the pricing, with the Bolero Neo base variant a bit expensive compared to the old Bolero.


Exterior Looks

The dimensions of the Bolero Neo are more than that of the old version. The new variant is of the same length but has a higher width by 50mm. On the other hand, the old version is still taller by 63mm, whereas both the vehicles have a similar wheelbase.

The old Bolero looks more squarish in shape, while the new version has smoothed-out edges to look more rounded. At the same time, the Bolero Neo looks classier and more premium than the old variant. The new version gets high-quality headlamps and tail lamps that look much better than the existing Bolero. In addition, the signature cladding and the bold X-shaped bumper distinguishes the Bolero Neo and helps you identify the vehicle from afar.

However, the differences end here as both cars have the unmistakable Mahindra SUV look.


Interiors and Comfort

While the Bolero Neo and the old Bolero exteriors look different, they have distinctive interiors. The old Bolero has a rugged look and the interiors to match, especially for the rural clientele. On the contrary, the Bolero Noe targets an urban clientele and hence comes with polished interiors having a premium look.

The old Bolero had standard interiors, whereas the Bolero Neo offers a new, improved modern dashboard with a 17-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a modern dashboard. The seven-seater vehicle offers some of the most spacious interiors you can expect in an SUV. The beige-coloured upholstery and the interior trim match perfectly.

The Bolero Neo gets a premium silver accent and a stylish center console. The instrument cluster comes with a two-pod design with an 8.9cm LCD to provide all the information your need. The entertainment system provides the perfect ambience to enjoy your long drives listening to your favourite music. The steering wheel comes with control options that allow you to monitor your entertainment and other information comfortably. Another exciting technological feature available in the Bolero Neo is the Blue Sense app that allows you to remain connected with the external world.

Engine and Performance

Both the vehicles run on a powerful 1.5L diesel engine. However, the old Bolero has a comparatively weaker engine that delivers 76ps power and 210Nm torque, whereas the Bolero Neo mHawk 100 engine produces 100ps and 260Nm torque. Both these engines pair with a manual transmission system to deliver fuel-efficient performances.

The Bolero Neo top-end comes with an innovative feature in the mechanical locking rear differential. This feature helps in preventing the vehicle from skidding while driving on wet roads. The unique facility provides more traction to the wheel and limits the skidding effect, especially when negotiating turns and braking.

The Bolero Neo and the old Bolero can adapt to all kinds of terrain with equal ease. Furthermore, the Bolero Neo offers an additional driving mode in Eco that enables the driver to save power.

Ride, Handling, and Safety

The Bolero comes with a robust body structure capable of handling all impacts. The Bolero Neo goes one step ahead by incorporating the 3rd generation Scorpio chassis, one of the most powerful in the Mahindra family. The safety features available in these vehicles include ABS, EBD, driver and passenger airbag, corner braking control, engine immobilizer, and a flip key. In addition, the top-end variants come with Isofix child seats. Other distinctive safety features include reverse parking assist, seatbelt reminders, and speed alert warnings. Besides, the Bolero Neo gets additional features like a rear wash, wipe, and defogger allows you to have a hassle-free driving experience.


The old Bolero has a rugged exterior that suits rural environments more than urban areas. The Bolero Neo is designed, keeping the young generation urban clientele in mind. The new version is available in five colours. The Bolero Neo is available at prices starting from Rs 8.48 lakhs, whereas the older version costs around Rs 7,000 less. If you choose, it is always better to go with the Bolero Neo with its new features and technology.