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Mercedes S-Class Limousine

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The Mercedes S-Class Limousine is a high-quality car that focuses on what matters the most, unique comfort, luxury, and safety technologies. The trendsetting MBUX operating concept combines with luxurious features to deliver an unprecedented driving experience. This Mercedes S-Class is more of a saloon than a limousine.

The Mercedes S-Class is available in two variants, S400d, 4Matic and S450 4Matic. The Mercedes S-Class S400d pricing starts at Rs 217.00 lakhs, whereas the S450 4Matic is available from Rs 219.00 lakhs.
All these prices are ex-showroom, India.


Mercedes S-Class Exteriors

The Mercedes S-Class has a unique and irresistible presence on the roads. The elongated side view with perfect proportions and the flush-fitting door handles ensures superior aesthetics while exuding style and character.
The Digital Light headlamps ensure high-class illumination of the road ahead, whereas the rear end emphasizes width with the rear tail-lamps split into two parts. The signature lighting design makes a forceful style statement and accentuates the vehicle’s glorious appearance.

The high-quality light-alloy wheels exude class and match the exteriors beautifully with their timeless design. In addition, the frontal fascia has a charismatic appearance and announces the S-Class’s presence on the roads.
The uniquely designed door handles are exciting aspects. You can unlock the retractable handles using the Keyless GO option. The system detects the key if it is in the vehicle's vicinity and extends the door handles automatically. On locking the doors, they retract and merge with the door design.

The panoramic sliding roof is another excellent feature of the Mercedes S Class. In addition, it comes with a sunshade option that prevents heat from entering the vehicle.


Mercedes S-Class Interiors

The spacious interiors are the epitome of luxury in the Mercedes S-Class. The high-quality upholstery offers a regal feel to the entire surroundings. Moreover, all the rear passengers benefit from individual infotainment systems to watch their favourite programs/movies or listen to their choice of music.

The upholstery and the inner trims merge beautifully to give a wrap-around effect and enhance the luxury quotient. The length of the car ensures there is ample legroom for all the occupants of this saloon. Personalisation options allow each passenger to adjust the AC cooling according to their requirements.

The Thermotronic climate control options are available on the infotainment system placed on the dashboard. Similarly, another manual control system is situated at the rear to adjust the cooking of the rear-seat passengers.
Moreover, the rear seats come with wireless charging options for their smartphones. Besides, there is a wireless charging system at the front, as well.

The ambient lighting enhances the calmness inside the vehicle by illuminating it according to your moods. Furthermore, it serves to liven up the surroundings in the interiors, especially at night.

Other exciting comfort features include double sunblind, designer belt buckles, remote boot lid closing, hands-free access to the boot, AMG floor mats, Servo Closing, and illuminated door sill. However, the most enchanting feature is the projection of the Mercedes emblem on the floor of the vehicle.

As you open the Mercedes S-Class, you feel as if you are entering the cockpit of an airplane. The dashboard with the infotainment system and the leather-wrapped steering wheel add to the overall ambience.

The Mercedes S-Class offers a range of luxurious comfort packages to ensure all its passengers' maximum comfort and convenience.

The Mercedes Me Connect app enables you to integrate your smartphone with your car and control the critical operations and functions of the infotainment display and other features.


Mercedes S-Class Engine and Performance

The Mercedes S-Class S400 4Matic runs on a powerful OM 656 diesel engine with state-of-the-art technology features. This engine sets high standards in terms of agility and consumption. This 6-cylinder engine comes with a displacement capacity of 2925cc, capable of delivering a maximum power output of 330hp @ 3600 to 4200 rpm and high torque of 700Nm @ 1200 to 3200 rpm. This engine pairs with an automatic transmission system that enables the vehicle to attain top speeds up to 250kmph and an acceleration from 0 to 100kmph in 5.4 seconds.

The Mercedes S-Class S450 4Matic features a robust M256 petrol engine that ensures lower fuel consumption and fewer CO2 emission, especially during cold starts and the low load range. This 6-cylinder petrol engine has a displacement capacity of 2999cc and delivers maximum power of 367hp @ 5500 to 6100 rpm and torque of 500Nm @ 1600 to 4500 rpm. Furthermore, the pairing with an automatic transmission engine enables the S-Class to attain top speeds of 250kmph and acceleration from 0 to 100kmph in 5.1 seconds.


Mercedes S-Class Ride, Handling, and Safety

The Mercedes S-Class is renowned for providing the highest safety features available on its fleet. The exterior safety features start with the trailblazing headlamp technology. The headlight adjusts optimally to other road users and the surrounding conditions. In addition, the HD system emits more than a million pixels of light to highlight individual areas, project information on the road, and optimise orientation.

Other safety measures include pedestrian safety bonnet, Pre-safe feature, and the Active Parking Assistant with Parktronic. Besides, this car features a driver assistance package with state-of-the-art systems to support you with speed adjustments, steering, and in the case of a risk of a collision.

This vehicle comes with a set of airbags for all the passengers. Besides the front seat airbags, the rear-seat occupants get side curtain airbags to protect them from impact due to collisions.

Besides, the Mercedes S-Class comes with a horde of features like a high-quality braking system, ABS, EBD, CSC, Hill Hold and Descent Control, and many more to ensure the complete safety of each passenger.

Mercedes S-Class Competition Check

The Mercedes S-Class does not have any competition from Indian vehicles. However, the top five global competitors include the BMW 7-Series LWB, Audi A8 LWB, Jaguar XJL, Range Rover Discovery, and the Volkswagen Phaeton.