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Ola S1 Pro versus TVS IQube Electric

  • Posted by Salman On 19-Sep-2021 07:29 AM

Ola S1 Pro vs. IQube Electric Comparison

The rising fuel prices see Indians gravitating towards electric vehicles. Electric scooters and motorcycles are becoming popular today, with various new brands introducing innovative models. The Ola S1 Pro is a high-quality electric scooter with attractive features. The TVS IQube Electric has an equally appealing appearance.


The Design

The Ola S1 Pro comes with a stunning design with iconic headlamps that distinguish its personality. The Ola S1 Pro has 1859 x 712 x 1160mm overall with a wheelbase of 1359mm. The seat height of 792mm is ideal, and the ground clearance of 165mm. The boot space of 36L offers sufficient space for you to place your helmet, vegetables, and groceries comfortably.

The TVS IQube comes with a refined style to offer a comfortable riding experience. It is designed to reflect your lifestyle, with state-of-the-art technology and sharp lines. The crystal-clear LED headlamps with their beautifully shaped side indicators give the vehicle a classy appearance. In addition, the LED taillamps add to the overall beauty and make the iQube an attractive scooter.


The Engine – Power and Handling

The Ola S1 Pro features a powerful fixed battery with a capacity of 3.97kW. This battery connects to a Mid Drive IPM motor that offers three drive modes: Normal, Sports, and Hyper. The portable 750W charger enables normal charging within six and a half hours. The fast charging facility recharges the battery in 18 minutes to enable a run of 75Km. The Ola S1 Pro can deliver a top speed of 115kmph and has a mileage range of 181Km.

The TVS IQube features a silent, hub-mounted motor with a peak output of 4.4kW while ensuring minimal loss in power transmission. The motor draws its power from three Li-ion battery packs encased in water and dust-resistant aluminium casing. The peak power output of 4.4kW makes it easy to ride under all conditions to accelerate from 40kmph in 4.2 seconds. This scooter can deliver a high speed of 78km and a mileage performance of 75km. The battery can recharge in seven hours, whereas the fast recharge of up to 80% in five hours.

Digital and Safety Features

The Ola S1 Pro has excellent digital features like geofencing, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and onboard navigation. The security features include proximity lock/unlock and remote boot lock/unlock. The infotainment system provides the required info for the rider. In addition, features like side-stand alert and anti-theft alert system, along with reverse mode and hill hold function, make the Ola S1 Pro a safe vehicle.

The Smart XConnect feature offers excellent connectivity through its in-built Bluetooth and telematics-enabled devices. In addition, the next-gen TFT dashboard provides you with convenience and safety features, like navigation assist, remote charge status, geofencing, incoming call alerts, and smart statistics.

Colour Variants and Pricing

The Ola S1 Pro offers ten colour variants and comes priced at Rs 110,149 to Rs 129,999, depending on which state you purchase the vehicle.

The TVS IQube is available at prices starting from Rs 110,506. Besides, the Smart XHome charging device is available at Rs 10000, and the Smart XConnect subscription charges are Rs 900 per year.
The Central Government and State Governments offer exciting subsidies that could reduce the pricing considerably.


Today, there is a pronounced shift from petrol-driven scooters to electric scooters because of the rising fuel prices. The Ola S1 Pro and the TVS IQube offer excellent options. The choice between the two is entirely yours.