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Royal Enfield Classic 350 versus TVS Apache RR 310

  • Posted by Salman On 01-Sep-2021 11:14 AM

Classic 350 vs. Apache RR 310 Comparison

No bike can come close to the Royal Enfield models when it comes to endurance driving. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 stands head and shoulders above other bikes because of its legendary dependability to counter all terrain. However, it is not the ideal one to have if you love speed and racing. The TVS Apache RR 310 is better suited to satisfy your racing needs.


The Design

The Classic 350 is a magnificent machine with an imposing look that stamps its authority wherever it goes. It is a large bike with enormous dimensions (2160mm x 790mm x 1090mm) and an extended wheelbase of 1390mm. The distinctive features of the Classic 350 include its unique fuel tank capable of holding 13.5 litres of fuel and its circular headlamp that announces the vehicle’s arrival from afar.

In comparison, the TVS Apache RR 310 has sleek looks that make heads turn whenever it zips past you on the roads. Dimensions-wise, the vehicle is taller than the Classic but shorter in length. This racing bike comes with a minimalistic look. Behind the aggressive brow lines, the RR 310 features Bi-LED Twin Projector headlamps that enhance illumination and provide you with the confidence to ride at high speeds. The snake fangs-inspired LED tail-lamp design is a signature feature of the RR 310.


Engine – Power and Handling

The Classic 350 is a classical performer equipped with a robust 346cc 1-cylinder, 4S, an air-cooled engine capable of delivering 19.1bhp power and 28Nm torque. The multi-plate clutch pairs with a 5-speed constant mesh transmission system to ensure a high-quality riding experience, regardless of the terrain. The distinctive sound of the Classic 350 engine sets it apart from other bikes in its segment.

The Apache RR 310 features a unique reverse inclined DOHC engine running on liquid-cooled oil-coolant technology that helps keep the engine at optimum temperature. In addition, this engine pairs with a track-tuned 6-speed gearbox to ensure easy engagement and no slippage at high speeds.

Safety Features

The single-channel Classic 350 features spoked wheels with regular R19 front and R18 back tyres, whereas the dual-channel 350 comes with alloy wheels. Similarly, the dual-channel Classic 350 comes equipped with dual-channel ABS to provide greater stability while braking at high speeds. In addition, the telescopic front suspension and the twin gas-charged shock absorbers at the rear provide a smooth and comfortable riding experience on the bumpiest terrains.
The Apache RR 310 comes equipped with Michelin Road 5 tyres featuring Michelin’s patented ACT+ technology to offer superior grip when negotiating corners at high speed. In addition, the race-tuned KYB suspension provides precise damping and smooth dynamic response to deliver high-quality acceleration and safety at the highest speeds.

Colour Variants and Pricing

The Classic 350 offers five colour choices and comes in two variants, depending on the ABS channels. The single-channel version is priced at Rs 2.03 lakhs, whereas the dual-channel variant costs more by around Rs 10K.
In contrast, the Apache RR 310 comes in two exciting colours, Titanium Black and Racing red. This racing bike costs Rs 2.55 lakhs in the market.


While the Apache RR 310 suits the racing tracks better because of its unique design and performance, the Classic 350 is perfect for adventures of a different kind. It is a rugged bike capable of producing a high-quality off-road driving experience. So if you love speed, the Apache RR 310 is the bike for you. On the other hand, people who love mountainous expeditions can go for the Royal Enfield Classic 350.