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TVS Ntorq 125 versus Aprilia SR 125

  • Posted by Salman On 22-Sep-2021 10:55 AM

Ntorq 125 vs. Aprilia SR 125 Comparison

The days have changed today, with scooters becoming more attractive to ride than motorcycles. You have excellent scooters like TVS Ntorq 125 that open your senses to a revolutionary riding experience. Aprilia, a reputed international scooter brand, offers an exciting range of 125cc scooters. The Aprilia SR 125 provides the ultimate fun in riding a scooter.



The Ntorq 125 comes with a stealth aircraft-inspired styling. The signature T-rear lamps and the Batwing-styled DRLs add to its exciting appearance. The sporty stubby muffler eliminates engine sound to make it a pleasure riding this vehicle. The bold chunky tyres match the large 12-inches diamond-cut alloy wheels. The sporty split grab rail makes it comfortable for the pillion rider. The aggressive front cluster accentuates the aggressive look.

The Aprilia SR 125 brings back the element of fun in riding scooters with a raised grab handle and a longer seat to add to the comfort and style quotient. The stylishly placed headlamp and DRLs make the scooter one of the most beautiful to look at. In addition, the aesthetically designed seats make it perfect for you to sit without any discomfort.


Engine – Performance and Handling

The Ntorq 125 features a powerful 3-valve 125 CVTi Revv engine to deliver a racing-inspired performance while delivering 9.25 bhp. This powerful engine enables the engine to achieve a top speed of 95kmph while accelerating from 0 to 60 in 9 seconds. In addition, the Ntorq 125 comes with a range of technological features like a Bluetooth-connected speedometer, a digital console with 60 features, navigational assists, and call alerts.

The Aprilia SR 125 draws its power from its 125cc engine that offers an economic mileage performance. The instrument cluster features a Twin-Pod analogue unit comprising a speedometer, fuel gauge, and odometer.

Safety Features

The Ntorq 125 is a safe scooter to ride as it offers excellent balance on the roads, even when negotiating sharp curves. The wheels come fitted with 220mm roto petal disc brakes and a parking brake. In addition, the signature LED headlamps provide the ideal illumination to ensure high-class visibility.

The Aprilia SR 125 has a balanced look that provides an excellent riding experience. In addition, the 14-inch wheels give the bike a sporty look. Other safety features include a hydraulic double-telescope fork suspension and a double-barrel headlight for better visibility.

Colour Variants and Pricing

The Ntorq 125 has two variants, the drum brake version in two colours, and the disc brake variant in four colours. Besides, you have the racing edition, Super Squad, and Race XP editions. The pricing ranges from Rs 72,270 to Rs 84,025.
The Aprilia SR 125 comes in two variants, the standard version and the digital variant. In addition, this vehicle offers three colour options and comes priced between Rs 94,668 and Rs 97,190.


While the Ntorq 125 offers technological advances with Bluetooth and other technology, the Aprilia SR 125 makes riding two-wheelers fun. As a result, the Aprilia SR 125 is a comparatively better performer overall. However, the Ntorq costs considerably less than the Aprilia SR 125.