fb-pixel-codeElectric Cars actually Greener Option ? myth busted
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Electric Cars actually Greener Option ? myth busted

    Posted by https://carbike360.com/ On 29-May-2021 01:11 AM

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Electric Cars actually Greener Option ? myth busted

Before we debunk the greener Electric car myth, let’s talk about why green vehicles are important for our environment.

In 2002, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Weather Change report projected that during the next 50-100 years, we would witness higher maximum temperatures, more warm days and heatwaves, an increase in the risk of fires in forests, and degraded air quality as a result of climate change.

Are EV's actually better for the environment than petrol or diesel cars? Some people believe that the production of an electric vehicle (EV) produces almost similar amount of pollution than a gas-powered car.

The green label of an electric vehicles depend on how power is generated in the city you reside in. If the electricity is generated using renewable-Independent energy, such as solar or wind power, then your driving will become free of emissions. If you charge your car with electricity that comes from a local power plant that is powered by fossil fuels, well then, it would not be emission-free.

In most of European countries, you can choose charging points that use renewable source of energy. about 96% of the Electric Vehicle population has an option to use 100% renewable electricity to charge their vehicles.


According to the WHO, outdoor air pollution causes 4.9 million premature deaths every year. And with the pace of death happening in places like India, this is going to get really worse.

While there’s no denying in fact that Electric cars emit less CO2 while in use, it is true that the production process of an average electric car results in 20% more emissions than the production of a petrol or diesel car. But, that is why there is already a pressure to use recycled materials in order to minimise the lifecycle emissions of an electric car.

Though there would not be any significant increase in total power demand due to the spike in Electric Car sales, it will likely reshape the electricity load curve. This will mostly be due to an increase in night peak loads when people charge their Electric Cars at night. However, this effect will only represent a very small percentage at most.

Even then there is an easy way to mitigate this is for Electric cars to charge when the power consumption is otherwise low and production is high: for example during a workday when the sun is bright, the wind is blowing, and the daily electricity consumption isn’t at its peak.

The more use of smart charging solutions can actually control the amount of power being used. Smart charging option allows EV charging station owners to analyse, manage, and restrict the over use of their devices to optimise energy consumption.

This was actually one of many myths about electric car charging. stay in touch by reading more related stories as we debunk more Electric Vehicles charging myths. This is one of the first in our myth-busting blog series, where we set the record high and address some of the most common misconceptions.