fb-pixel-codeTop 5 Most Crazily Modified Royal Enfield Bikes, 5th One Deserves a Salute
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Top 5 Most Crazily Modified Royal Enfield Bikes, 5th One Deserves a Salute

    Posted by https://carbike360.com/ On 31-May-2021 02:20 AM

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A modified Royal Enfield is very easy to be sighted. RE fans are everywhere and love to play with its design. Though a modified Royal Enfield bike may look better than the original in most of the cases, sometimes blunders also happen. With this post we have brought top 5 modified RE bikes which are crazy to look at yet interesting to digest. If you get any modified RE around you, you can send it us and we’ll post it in our forum.

  1. We don’t get it Some people are damn too crazy with their imagination. They expect a lot from their mean machines and create a virtual image in their mind. However, the execution ditches them and they end up making something like this. If we start from the rear, upto some extent, the bike looks good but once you witness that Bajaj Pulsar petrol tank mounted a bit too upwards, you may start getting confused. The headlight unit of the bike may leave you confused as how someone can think 2nd gen Honda City’s headlights on a bike. Crazy enough. 39.png

  2. Round the corners A graphic designer usually takes the help of a geometry compass tool to create semi, fully or fractionated round objects. This bike also seems to be possessed by a graphic designer as what we can see are 4 rounds; front wheel, rear wheel, engine housing and the bridge between engine housing and rear wheel. The final design looks quite interesting as the bike now looks like a lighter chopper bike. 40.png

  3. Royal Enfield Carberry Though this one doesn’t seem to be modified, it has some severe mods in its engine. This Royal Enfield is patented and modified by Carberry wherein they took two 500 cc engines of Royal Enfield and joined them together to become a 1000cc unit. We don’t have the exact power output figures of same but what we know is this is one of the least vibrating Royal Enfields as carberry uses a specially manufactured plate in this bike which cuts the vibrations to a huge extent. 41.png

  4. Supportive Thunderbird Royal Enfield bikes get bare minimum equipment despite evolving with the time which means they are born to be modified. Differently abled people usually get a number of equipment and accessories to ease out their commute, however the owner of this RE Thunderbird has gone 2 steps ahead of that norm. The rear wheel of the bike is replaced with a set of two wheels probably taken from some 4 wheeler. Later, a footrest platform for front passenger, tuning of suspension, chain sprocket, along with an extension rod to connect the new wheels to the company fitted wheel hub was installed. Different and stylish, isn’t it! 42.png

  5. Family Mover Royal Enfield As we said, Royal Enfields are born to be modified, the gentleman riding this bike (if you can now call it a bike) is a retired govt. Employee who was going to his daughter’s place along with his wife.. He purchased a new Royal Enfield Bullet and gave it a new shape using his skills. The complete modification cost them around Rs. 3lacs. Age can’t be a barrier to fantasy. The modification happened in the bike helps the old age couple with better ergonomics and comfort. The original chassis of the bike and the front portion have been cut off and placed parallel to accommodate a new frame for seats and third wheel. The vehicle looks perfectly balanced and can be ridden at good speeds. Moreover, they seem very happy with their creation which lets them ride more comfortably.