fb-pixel-code7 Dangerous Things you need to Avoid while Driving an Automatic Car
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7 Dangerous Things you need to Avoid while Driving an Automatic Car

    Posted by Sachit Bhat On 23-Jun-2022 04:23 AM

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If you are a new and proud owner of a brand-new automatic car, there's a good chance you're making certain mistakes, dangerous mistakes while handling it. Well, not anymore. Here are seven automatic vehicle pitfalls to stay away from. automatic

It goes without saying that automated cars are easy to drive. You can drive an automatic vehicle expertly even with beginner-level driving abilities, you can feel like a pro even though you might be a noob. And that is the reason many drivers take these machines for granted. I mean yeah, it's fairly simple to drive these cars, but hang on there!! Stop immediately if you are driving your automatic automobile while making any of these seven blunders!

Slope and the Neutral Mode Connection!!


Yes, there are people who think that if they accelerate the car after driving in neutral mode, they can race ahead. Well, sorry guys, it doesn’t work that way. By doing this, you won't be able to accelerate the car; instead, it will only slow down. It reduces the oil delivery, which prevents the transmission from receiving lubrication. In other words, this behavior will cause wear and damage to the system. Kindly note the words “WEAR” and “DAMAGE’ if you are doing the same thing while driving your loved automatic car.

Reviving Engine Before Switching Gear


Ahh!! I know we all are guilty of doing this. Right? Or is it only me? Well, I don’t want you guys to face the same consequences I have faced. To put it in simple words, the transmission receives a powerful jolt as a result of doing this. It increases internal component friction, which in turn increases the risk of damage to the internal components and parts. And that is the reason why you have to stop doing this. I guess, now that you’ve read this, you won’t.

Shifting Modes When Car is Still Rolling


When the car rolls, the transmission mechanism shifts the gears to adjust the direction. The gearbox will suffer unnecessarily from this practice. It can be a big trauma to your car. And I know you don’t want that to happen. It would be preferable if you stopped the car by applying the brakes. Additionally, some drivers shift into the park without applying the brakes, which can negatively affect the performance of your vehicle.

Keep Car in Neutral At Traffic


This might be a very common-sensical thing I am saying, but trust me, folks, there are a lot of drivers who don’t follow this very simple thing. To save on fuel and prevent wear on the driveline, many drivers do this. Most people aren't aware, though, that when you apply the brakes while still in drive mode, the loss is negligible. When you enter and exit neutral mode, the damage is done.

Switching to Parking Mode Even Before Stopping the Car


When the car is in the parking mode, a locking pin is inserted by the system into a gear that is connected to the output shaft of the gearbox. Keep in mind that the wheels are attached to the same shaft as well. Therefore, there is a good probability of breaking the locking pin when you engage parking mode and attempt to roll the car at the same time.

Keeping Fuel Tank at Low

fuel tank at low

Keep in mind that the fuel pressure is essential for the proper operation of automatic vehicles. Fuel aids in keeping the engine and other components lubricated and under control. Therefore, these parts will age more quickly if the tank is constantly low. So, always gas up your car before it is too low.

Driving Without Engine Warmup


This behavior can wreak havoc in your car, particularly on chilly days. The oil tends to thicken and flow more slowly in the winter. The fuel should be allowed to enter the transmission and circulate there for a while. Internal damage may result from immediately entering Drive mode and reaching a high speed.

Our lives are easier thanks to these automatic cars. I mean, honestly, I learnt driving on one of these automatic versions of Maruti’s Celerio. But, despite their apparent ease, you must use caution when dealing with them. Avoid making the aforementioned errors, and your automatic car will continue to perform well for many years to come!