fb-pixel-codeEarly 2022 records highest PV sales, thanks to premium & midsized vehicles;
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Early 2022 records highest PV sales, thanks to premium & midsized vehicles;

    Posted by Ashish On 09-Jun-2022 07:12 AM

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In the first quarter of Jan to March 2022, manufacturers reported sales of 9,20,661 PV units. In a first for the auto sector, over 9 lakh each of unit sales are expected in two back-to-back financial quarters.


For the first time, passenger vehicle sales in India are expected to report its highest in the first half of the year until June, even after economic inflation stressing consumer behavior and inadequacy of parts adversely affecting vehicle manufacturing.

The Coronavirus phase did not deter passenger vehicle business, instead the COVID-19 pandemic drove personal vehicle demand skywards and it is still solidly growing at a fast pace. Hence, as per industry prediction or in other words the auto sector professionals and specialists expect maximum sales of vans, utility vehicles and cars out of the 18 lakh units projected in the first half of 2022.

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According to Mr. Tae-Jin Park, the MD of Kia India Private Limited, "The upcoming months will see the same type of excessive demand because there are a lot of potential buyers who are now making buying decisions, and had not made purchases during the Corona pandemic."