fb-pixel-codeTata Tigor EV is the next Ziptron-powered EV after Nexon
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Tata Tigor EV is the next Ziptron-powered EV after Nexon

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Tata Motors introduces the new Ziptron-powered Tigor EV

● The new Tigor EV will get its Ziptron powertrain from the Nexon EV. ● Tata Tigor EV features rapid charging facilities and could give a mileage of 250 Km. ● The styling and other feature upgrades are better than the Xpres-T EV.


Tata Motors is committed to expanding its footprint on the EV scene. A couple of weeks ahead of its launch, Tata Motors has released a teaser video of the Tigor EV in its camouflaged version.

The Tata Tigor EV – Here is what you can expect

Tata Motors had launched the Xpres-T EV a few weeks ago exclusively for fleet operators. The Xpres-T EV uses a similar Electra 72V architecture and a 21.5 kWh battery pack as available in the pre-facelift Tigor EV.

The new Tigor EV proposed for a launch very soon will come with a powerful Ziptron high-voltage 300V+ architecture, similar to what is available on the Nexon EV. This mechanism uses a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor superior to the Tata Xpres-T EV's 72V AC induction-type motor. This new Tigor EV will be available for the general public also.

The Nexon EV runs on a 95kW electric motor powered by a 30.2 kWh Li-ion battery and produces a maximum power of 127hp and torque of 245Nm. Nexon EV claims a mileage of 312km on a single charge. Whereas Tata Motors has not confirmed the exact configuration of the Tigor EV, one expects it to be better than the Xpres-T EV that produces 41hp power and 105Nm torque. The Xpres-T EV offers a mileage of around 213km. With the more robust motor, the new Tigor EV targets somewhere more than 250km.

Besides, Tata Motors equips the new Tigor with new Ziptron tech-enabled fast-charging capabilities available on the Nexon EV that can recharge the batteries up to 80% within 60 minutes. The regular home recharge takes around seven to eight hours. One can also expect the regenerative braking feature to be available on the Tigor EV. This feature is already available on the Nexon EV.

Tata Tigor EV – Exterior design and interior updates

While the Xpres-T was available for fleet operators alone, the Tata Tigor EV has a different audience segment. Naturally, it will have a different exterior and interior styling flavor.

The tearer video shows the Tigor EV with projector headlamps and LED DRLs integrated with the front bumper. In contrast, the Xpres-T had halogen bulbs. The Tigor also gets electric blue accents on its alloy wheels.

While the Xpres-T was available in white color, the Tata Tigor will come in an exciting range because of the different audiences it caters to. Compared to the regular Tigor, its EV variant gets an enclosed grille.

The Tata Tigor EV interiors get an upgrade in a touchscreen infotainment system. In contrast, the Xpres-T EV came with a Harman-sourced audio system with Bluetooth. One can also expect blue highlights in the interiors to enhance the car's ambiance.

Tata Tigor EV – The Pricing

One expects the Tigor EV pricing to be above the ICE-powered Tigor top-end model that peaks at Rs 7.82 lakhs. But, simultaneously, it will be below the Nexon-EV range of Rs 13.99 to 16.85 lakhs. Thus, the expected pricing should be around Rs 9.30 to 9.80 lakhs.

This pricing range makes the Tata Tigor EV the most affordable EV in India for private buyers. As of date, Tata is leading the EV race in the country. The introduction of the Tigor EV will push it further ahead in the competition. Besides, Tata is working out a CNG variant of the Tigor to provide its users with comprehensive fuel options.