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BMW 6 Series GT

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BMW means luxury and sophistication at its best. With the 6 Series Gran Turismo, also known as GT, you get both in great measure. Elegance, Unique design, Riding comfort, Self-assured driving dynamics, you name it, and get it in the 6 Series GT. The BMW 6 Series GT comes in its usual threesome combination, the 630i M Sport, 620d Luxury Line, and the 630d M Sport.

Pricing-wise, the 630i M Sport is the lowest-priced model at Rs 67.90 lakhs, whereas the 630d M Sport costs Rs 10 lakhs more at Rs 77.90 lakhs. All prices are ex-showroom, India.

BMW 6 Series GT Exteriors


BMW 6 Series GT comes with the unmistakable kidney grille but with a more angular shape to suit the vehicle’s contours. In addition, the uniquely elegant exterior design features a distinctive front fascia with its generous dimensions and robust design language staring at you.

The high-quality LED headlights and the sporty rear lights form a heady combination to ensure high visibility on the roads. The coupe-like roofline extends from the top through to the rear with its free-form tailpipes.

The M Sport brake is a distinctive highlight that contributes to exceptional safety performance and enhances the athletic driving style with equal ease. In addition, the panoramic sunroof opens up to the skies to usher in fresh sunlight and air to liven up the vehicle’s sporty interiors.

BMW 6 Series GT Interiors


The Nappa upholstery for all the seats makes it one of the most luxurious vehicles around. Likewise, the black high-gloss finishers for the controllers like gear selectors, temperature control, and volume dials can mesmerize you with their beauty.

BMW continues with its high-quality digital technology in the 6 Series GT with features like smartphone integration, Apple Car Play Support, and Android Auto compatibility. The Virtual Assistant allows you to converse with the vehicle in a mutually understandable language. It keeps gauging your mannerisms to understand you and your driving performance to guide you perfectly through rugged terrain whenever necessary.

The state-of-the-art connectivity features ensure maximum safety and comfort while delivering the best business and entertainment functions to keep you informed and entertained simultaneously.

Ambient lighting adds to the sophisticated interiors and enhances the luxury quotient

BMW 6 Series GT Engine and Performance

As with all BMW models, the BMW 6 Series GT comes with petrol and diesel engine options. The 6-cylinder diesel engine is perfect for delivering an efficient and balanced driving experience, whereas the free-revving and high-torque petrol engine enhance the sheer pleasures of driving.

The 6-cylinder diesel engine is characterized by its impressive power delivery and excellent consumption figures. The maximum output of the 630d is 195kW @ 4000rpm, whereas the maximum torque stands at 620Nm @ 2000 to 2500rpm.

The Adaptive 2-axle air suspension ensures the highest comfort with excellent driving dynamics. Unlike the traditional steel suspensions, the air suspension system consists of air-filled rubber pads to keep the vehicle equally elevated irrespective of the driving mode, even when the vehicle is full of passengers.

BMW 6 Series GT Ride, Handling, and Safety


On matters concerning safety, the BMW 6 Series GT is streets ahead of the rest of the pack because of its highly advanced features that assist the driver towards bringing the vehicle home safely. For example, the BMW Gesture Control allows you to receive and ignore calls using hand gestures. Similarly, you can control various options by gesturing with your hands. Thus, your focus on the road never wavers.

The Parking Assistant Plus function with its Surround-view camera and Reversing Assistant provides the perfect guidance for automatic linear, parallel, or perpendicular parking on the streets. In addition, the Remote Control Parking feature allows you to get out of the car and manoeuvre it comfortably.

The Reversing Assistant can also help by recording the last 50m travelled up to 35 metres. It helps you retract if required and concentrate on monitoring the vehicle.

BMW 6 Series GT Competition Check


The BMW 6 Series GT has internal competition from the BMW 5 series. Other vehicles capable of providing ideal competition include Volvo XC90, Audi A6, Volvo S90, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.