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BMW M Series

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BMW M Series
BMW M Series cars are the top-end vehicles available from BMW in India. These cars come with all the luxurious features you can expect high-end luxury vehicles to have and much more. The M Series comprises eight vehicles, each of which is the embodiment of comfort, performance, power, and luxury, all rolled in one.

Here is a list of all the eight models available in the M Series and their respective pricing.


All the pricing figures are ex-showroom India prices.


BMW M Series Exteriors

All M-Series cars come with similar characteristics, but the exterior features vary according to pricing. However, the unmistakable M-grille with its double-kidney shape is a standard feature on all these M Series vehicles. In addition, the Magnificent headlights with the unique dividing line between the bulbs give the BMW M Series cars an imposing 4-eyed look.

The BMW Laserlight headlamps equipped on these sedans and saloons come with an extreme luminosity that could extend up to even 600 metres on the road ahead. Thus, it provides high-quality visibility and allows the driver to take preventive action even when driving at full speeds exceeding 250 kmph.

The exciting feature of these M Series cars is that the rear taillamps are considerably powerful and lets you announce their presence on the roads to the vehicle trailing them. The glow on these rear taillamps when braking can alert everyone within its range and help them take prompt evasive action.

The presence of air breathers in the top-end M-series vehicles reduces drag and thus helps the vehicle maintain its speed even in windy conditions.

All these cars are available in various metallic shades and offer an unparalleled presence.


BMW M Series Interiors

You can expect the highest standards of luxury in the BMW M Series vehicles, with the features getting better with each succeeding model according to its pricing. However, the common feature is that each car offers maximum comfort to every occupant, from the driver to the rear-seat passengers.

The driver seat and the front-co-passenger seats comply with the highest safety norms and come with various electrical adjustments to their size and alignment. These deep seats allow you to sit down comfortably and stretch your legs conveniently. In addition, the aesthetic headrests and the extended side bolsters provide the perfect lateral support while negotiating winding roads.

The M Leather cover protected steering wheel provides the ideal grip for the driver. Furthermore, the steering wheel features a range of controlling options placed at the most accessible locations allowing you to use them comfortably. In addition, the M Gear Selector features Drivelogic shift settings to allow you to have a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Another characteristic of the M Series cars is the M-specific instrument cluster that provides a host of information to enable comfortable driving. For example, it comes with facilities to check your tyre pressure and temperature at the touch of a button.

The high-quality sound system allows all passengers to have a great time listening to their favourite songs while traveling. The top-end M-Series cars come with individual TV monitors for the rear-seat passengers and allow them to watch their preferred programmes independent of each other. In addition, the All-zone climatic control setting ensures optimal cooling for all occupants.


BMW M Series Engine and Specifications

All BMW M-Series cars run on petrol. Each of these vehicles comes equipped with a powerful BMW Twin Power Turbo petrol engine capable of delivering incredible power and high torque, even at low RPMs. These engines have exciting features like Valvetronic variable valve control and Twin Scroll turbochargers high precision injection that provide the maximum thrust at the lowest RPMs.

The top-end model, M760Li xDrive, runs on the most powerful V12 engines.

The Active M differential present in these engines ensures excellent traction to enable convenient driving on all terrain. This engine thus provides the agility of a rear-wheel drive and the control of an AWD system.
The powerful petrol engine mates with an equally robust 8-speed Steptronic transmission and allow the driver to select any compatible driving mode. High-quality brakes (M Carbon Ceramic brake) ensure perfect braking even under adverse climatic conditions.


BMW M Series Ride, Handling, and Safety

The M Series cars feature a range of driver-assistance features like BMW Live Cockpit. You can communicate with the vehicle and control its operations using the touchscreen and digital instrument displays. In addition, the iDrive Touch Controller feature helps access the BMW Operating System.

These vehicles feature a BMW Virtual Assistant that guides you through the driving process and helps you maintain absolute control over the vehicle while adhering to all safety norms.

The Parking Assistant helps you to park the vehicle properly without any hassles. The Reversing Assistant allows you to reverse through narrow lanes comfortably. The top-end M Series vehicles come with automatic parking facilities where the vehicle parks itself without any interference from your part.

Features like Driving Assistant Professional, Steering and Lane Control, and Emergency Stop Assistant prove helpful to ensure a smooth and comfortable driving experience.


BMW M Series Competition Check

The BMW M Series vehicles do not have any competition from Indian vehicles. The only models that can compete with the entire range of M Series vehicles are the other BMW X Series cars. Besides, you have vehicles like Audi A8L, Maserati, Audi RS7, Porsche Cayenne, and Mercedes-Benz models that compete with these M Series cars on an equal footing.