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Jaguar I-Pace

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One cannot expect a better combination of speed, performance, and fuel efficiency from any other car except the Jaguar I-Pace. This award-winning performance SUV has now arrived in India with a bang as it scorches the expressways at extreme speeds to leave all cars behind, gaping in awe. The Jaguar I-Pace can race from 0-100kmph in 4.8 seconds.
This electric SUV is available in three trims in India, Jaguar I-Pace S, Jaguar I-Pace SE, and Jaguar I-Pace HSE, with each of the variants costing Rs 105.91 lakhs, Rs 108.14 lakhs, and Rs 112.29 lakhs, respectively. All prices are ex-showroom, India.


Jaguar I-Pace Exteriors

The Jaguar I-Pace features an aerodynamic design with a low drag coefficient of 0.29Cd. The stunning design allows the vehicle to slice through the air for maximum range and stability. In addition, the flowing waistline and the dramatic bonnet scoop blend beautifully with the signature rear haunches to offer a complete excitement package from every angle.
The aerodynamic design of the bold grille curves inside to minimize drag by channeling air through the scooping bonnet. It passes over the roofing that is perfectly curved to deliver maximum efficiency.

The excellent aerodynamics requires the waistline to taper consistently. The driver’s cabin is thus placed low with sweeping fenders to ensure the ideal tapering shape. One of the positive features of this Jaguar I-Pace is its LED headlights with double-J blade graphics. In addition, the roof presents an extraordinarily smooth surface with a body-colored or panoramic sunroof.

The Matrix headlights, with their signature DRLs, provide the perfect visibility at night. This system ensures not to blind the oncoming traffic by adjusting the beam’s shape while using the high beam all the time. In addition, the animated directional indicators in the I-Pace’s sleek rear taillights make a forceful announcement to the vehicles trailing you on the roads.

The 19-inch alloy 5-split-spoke Gloss Dark Grey with contrast Diamond-turned finish adds to the attraction quotient.


Jaguar I-Pace Interiors

The interior upholstery strikes you as a pleasant feeling with its plush looks. The ergonomically designed dashboard serves as the perfect contrast to the light-colored upholstery and enhances the luxurious feel to the next level. The rich
The upholstery color matches perfectly with the interior décor and provides a spacious feel. The electrically adjustable driver seats make it comfortable to drive the vehicle. The well-cushioned headrests provide the ideal support to your neck and spinal region and protect them from impact injuries.

The Jaguar I-Pace offers one of the quietest performances as the acoustic laminated glass on the front windows and windscreen reduces the noise entering the cabin from outside.

This Jaguar I-Pace comes equipped with an efficient air conditioning system to provide optimal cooling to all its occupants. The exciting aspect is that you can adjust the cooling operations using a dedicated smartphone app. Besides, the cabin ionization feature ensures to purify the air circulating inside the vehicle by attracting and trapping pollutants as small as PM2.5 to neutralize their effect.

The Pivi Pro Infotainment system is user-friendly and comfortable for navigation and communication because of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility features. The digital information display includes real-time traffic updates and access to charging points. The parking and place information feature is also available even when there is no internet connectivity.

You can control its operations through the Jaguar In-Control App on your smartwatch. In addition, the Jaguar optimized assistance feature transmits your location and diagnostic data in case of a breakdown.

The Meridian Auto System delivers 3D sound through its 16 speakers and one subwoofer arrangement. This feature is available on the top-end vehicle, I-Pace HSE.


Jaguar I-Pace Engine and Performance

The Jaguar I-Pace is an electric vehicle that comes equipped with a 90kWh motor that ensures the acceleration of a sports car by racing from 0 to 100kmph in 4.8 seconds.

The I-Pace 90kWh battery is made of high-energy Li-ion pouch cells. The exquisite design and the latest thermal management system supports maximum power and ensures longevity.

The Jaguar I-Pace engine draws its power from two magnetic synchronous electrical motors similar to that available on the I-Type Formula E racing cars. These electric motors can generate a maximum power of 294kW and a high torque of 696Nm.

This electrical engine pairs with an automatic power transmission system and connects to an AWD format to ensure maximum traction and stability to the vehicle. Charging the battery should not be an issue because you have public charging points located at various places.


Jaguar I-Pace Ride, Handling, and Safety

This vehicle features a unique tracking technology to alert you of attempted theft and signals the vehicle’s location to the Stolen Vehicle Tracking Center. This service is available for a subscription.

The Head-Up Display is an optional feature available on this device. This feature presents crucial info about your vehicle, such as speed and navigation on the windscreen, to provide the perfect assistance to the driver.

The interactive driver display provides accurate info that includes full-screen navigation with 3D mapping. The high-res images make it easy for you to operate the system and take the maximum advantage.

Besides, the Jaguar I-Pace comes with a set of high-quality airbags for all the passengers.

Jaguar I-Pace Competition Check

The Jaguar I-Pace can travel a distance of around 480km on a single charge. However, this car faces stiff competition from the Mercedes-Benz EQC. In addition, Audi is introducing a new electric vehicle e-tron to compete with the Jaguar I-Pace in this EV segment.