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Jaguar XE

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The beauty of Jaguar cars is that they come with a sporty look, regardless of the body styling. The Jaguar XE is a saloon, but it comes with an extraordinary sporting appearance that differentiates it from other cars in its segment. One should get behind the wheel of the Jaguar XE to understand the excellent refined interiors and the power that its engine generates as you cruise along on the expressways.

The Jaguar XE is a petrol engine-driven vehicle available in two variants, Jaguar XE Petrol S and Jaguar XE Petrol SE. The S variant is the lower-priced of the two at Rs 46.64 lakhs, and the SE variant costs Rs 48.50 lakhs (ex-showroom, India).


Jaguar XE Exteriors

The distinctive radiator grille with the Jaguar trademark emblem distinguishes it from other similar vehicles on the road. In addition, the large air inlets allow free movement of air inside the engines to cool it as the vehicle pounds the highways at full speed.

The advanced aerodynamics of this vehicle is something to experience. Customers can choose between the S and SE models, with the SE being the more stylish of the two models.

The LED headlights are the highlights of this Jaguar XE, especially with its J-shaped blades that accentuate its beauty. The tail-lights come with an iconic slim design to add to the compelling design of the Jaguar XE. It emphasises the vehicle’s sporting nature.

You have a choice between solid or metallic paints to enhance the overall beauty of your Jaguar XE. The 17-inches alloy wheels give this vehicle the edge over most competitors.

The muscular stance with its LED headlights, DRLs, wide grille, and dynamic front bumper make for a dominant profile that helps it lord over the roads it traverses.

Jaguar XE Interiors

If the exteriors were exciting, the interiors are spellbinding. The cockpit-styled cabin with a centre console and the Jaguar SportShift Selector and Drive Control brings out the sporting essence of the Jaguar XE to the fore.

Passenger comfort takes the lead when it comes to designing the Jaguar interiors. Three large adults can comfortably sit in the rear seat. Besides, there is enough space of up to 403L in the boot to store your luggage.

Jaguar XE pays a lot of attention to its design details, right from premium materials to the Riva hoop wrap-around fascia and range of interior finishes. In addition, the facility to personalise your Jaguar XE allows you to add your touch to the interiors by including sleek modern veneers and high-quality leathers.

An exciting aspect of the Jaguar XE is the additional storage space to keep your bottles.

The Jaguar XE allows everyone to stay connected as the Online Pack features a 4G Wi-Fi hot spot to provide connectivity to up to eight devices. Besides, the driver gets valuable assistance as the Connected Navigation Pro features guides you through the city traffic and includes door-to-door routing from your smartphone to checkout parking availability.

The in Control infotainment system is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to allow seamless connectivity with your smartphones all the time. In addition, the Remote feature allows you to interact with the XE, check fuel levels, provide vehicle location details, and access the locks, light, and climate adjustments.

Wireless charging is an excellent feature available on the Jaguar XE. In addition, the infotainment system can prove to be your best ally on long drives as you can interact with the system and get navigation updates, listen to your favourite music, and other driver-related information.


Jaguar XE Engine and Performance

The Jaguar XE models run on 2.0L petrol engines capable of delivering excellent performances coupled with a high degree of fuel efficiency. The XE Ingenium petrol engine offers a maximum power output of 184kW. While attaining a maximum speed of up to 250kmph, this car can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 6.5 seconds.

The Jaguar XE Drive Control feature allows the driver to choose between various modes, like Comfort, Eco, Dynamic, Rain/Ice/Snow. The automatic transmission system ensures a maximum torque of 365Nm @ 1500-4000 rpm. These engines work on advanced technologies to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without affecting the vehicle’s overall performance.

Driving the Jaguar XE should not be a problem because the Electric Power-Assisted Steering offers excellent control, feedback, and response while delivering remarkable precision at maintaining speed and comprehensive assistance during slow manoeuvring.


Jaguar XE Ride, Handling, and Safety

The Jaguar XE comes with a unique torque vectoring by braking feature that maximizes control over all surfaces. This vehicle monitors and balances the torque distribution to improve the overall grip of the vehicle on the roads, especially when travelling at high speeds. This system reduces understeering by applying brakes to the inside wheels while forcing greater torque to the outer wheels when negotiating turns. Hence, it stabilizes the vehicle.

Jaguar XE features All Surface Progress Control, a low-speed cruise control option to ensure that the vehicle maintains a steady speed in low traction situations. Besides, the front and rear suspension systems extend vehicle safety by absorbing all the shocks and providing the occupants with a smooth ride.

The facility to fold the rear seats allows the flexibility to enhance boot space considerably. Thus, Jaguar XE proves its versatility. Moreover, it comes with a uniquely designed tailgate that is conveniently accessible.

The cruise control and speed limiter feature allow the vehicle to maintain a constant speed without the continuous use of the accelerator pedal. The speed limiter allows setting a maximum speed.

The Driver Condition Monitor is a new feature that monitors steering inputs, brake, and throttle activity to judge whether you are feeling drowsy. It alerts the driver and warns when there is a need for a break.

The Lane Keep Assist feature prevents the vehicle from drifting out of its lane and applies a corrective torque to the steering wheel, nudging you to guide the vehicle back to its track.

The rear camera and the Park Assist feature enable you to park the vessel comfortably. The 360-degree parking aid plays its role to perfection in this aspect.


Jaguar XE Competition Check

The Jaguar XE has worthy competitors in Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Lexus IS, Mercedes Benz C Class, and Alfa Romeo Giulia.